The mission of the Center for Workshop Education (CWE) is to sustain the high quality of current Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Workshops and to explore new uses of this model of peer-facilitated cooperative learning groups. Distinctive to the CWE is the ongoing collaboration among student leaders, course faculty, and learning specialists in support of the model.

The CWE is a resource for:

  • Faculty who wish to improve student learning via the PLTL Workshop model or components of the model
  • Peer leaders, PLTL Workshop participants, staff, and parents who would like to learn more about the PLTL Workshop program at the University

What are PLTL Workshops?

Integral components of selected courses at UR, PLTL Workshops are small groups of students who meet each week to solve challenging problems under the guidance of a "near peer," a student who has recently completed the course successfully.  Students in PLTL Workshops collaborate to build their conceptual understanding of the course material and enhance their problem-solving skills. Student leaders prepare for their role through weekly meetings with faculty and learning specialists.