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Develop Leadership

Rising Leader Class

Student Testimonials

Here's what a few students from the 2016 Rising Leader Classes had to say about their experience:

“CAS 350 is just another course for most, but for the people that took it, it is a way to self-discovery. It offered a lot of resources, but it the end, it is you who has to understand and apply what you learn. I believe that this class had a very good timing in my journey of self-development and spiritual growth.” - Vlad Cazacu '20

“Rising Leaders was different than any other class I had ever taken, even in high school. The way that it was based around both discussion in the classroom and also very hands-on and interactive activities made it a stand-out in my schedule. Even after a long day in the classroom and playing tennis, I could count on this class to keep me awake, moving, and engaged…Possibly the most impactful part of this class had to be the people that were a part of it that I got to meet along the way.” - Alyssa Chaneski '20

“I can honestly say that taking the class was one of the best decisions I have ever made…The Rising Leader Class enabled me to learn about my own style of leadership; this was prevalent in the readings that were assigned and the leadership exercises that we did in class…The class truly helped me to grow as a person and I have used a lot of my skills that I acquired from Rising Leaders in a variety of situations.” - Jennifer Joseph '20