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Leadership Development

Medallion Program

The Medallion Program aims to educate student leaders by providing opportunities for intentional learning, self-reflection, and skill development. Students enrolled in the Medallion Program gain a strong sense of self-awareness, work effectively with others, and become civically and socially engaged. 

Program Design

The program is divided into three different levels, each building on the last:

  • Level one: You as a leader – individual focus
    • Learning who you are as an individual and as a leader is one of the first steps towards being able to put your leadership into practice. In this level, workshops will focus on knowledge and skills such as time management, leading meetings, and ethical decision making. This is all critical in being able to develop yourself as a well-rounded leader.
  • Level two: You working with others/leadership in practice – group/organizational focus
    • Workshops in this level range in topics from conflict mediation to social responsibility and justice to help shape your leadership skills. Being a leader always means working with others and that is why this program places significance on interpersonal communication and competence.
  • Level three: Finding your niche – campus impact
    • After taking time to develop who you are as a leader, it is important to put those leadership skills into action. Level three lets you take those skills and better shape them to your special interests.

Levels one and two consist of an opening session, five leadership workshops and short reflections on those workshop experiences. Levels one and two are loosely structured to be completed throughout a semester. However, students are free to move in and out of levels and complete them at any time. Students can choose to complete all levels, some levels, or even just a few workshops.

These workshops are grouped into one of the following six domains, which comprise the program’s foundation:

See the entire schedule of workshops for this semester or visit the sections on level one information or level two information. Workshops are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register for workshops online. For more information see our FAQ page

Once level one and two are completed, students can specialize their leadership skills to their interest in level three. Students in level three can choose to do a specialization project or to take a leadership class.

After the completion of level three, students will be welcomed into the Medallion Leadership Society! 

Program Benefits

There are many benefits that come from participating in the Medallion Program. Along with the program helping to build upon your leadership skills and boost your resume, after the completion of each level you will receive an invitation to the Medallion Program Reception and there you will be awarded with a level one, two, or three pin.

When completing level three, you will additionally be invited to join the Medallion Leadership Society. This society has its own set of benefits, which include receiving a medallion, attending a leadership retreat, facilitating workshops for your peers, attending leadership receptions, and having access to more professional development opportunities.


Students from all majors, class levels, and degrees of leadership experience are welcome. Participants have the freedom to choose events and programs that reflect their preferences. 


You can enroll in the Medallion Program by filling out the Enrollment Form.

All program progress is tracked on Campus Community Connection (CCC). Once you fill out the enrollment form it may take a few days for the Medallion Program to show up on your CCC page under the paths section.


Feel free to register for and attend any level one or level two workshops, and be sure to keep track of your level one and two progress in the Medallion Program Path in CCC once you have access. If you have any questions, email

See the Schedule of Workshops (PDF) for information about upcoming workshops for the semester.

If you are a member of a student organization, a student employee, or a leader in Residential Life, make sure you pay attention to the programming events you are attending. Program events such as the Rising Leader Class, Fall and Mid - Year Leadership Training, and New Member Orientation have a lot of overlap with Medallion program workshops. You may be taking steps towards completing levels one and two without even realizing it. Make sure you go to your Paths in CCC to receive credit for these Medallion Program workshops.

To co-sponsor a Medallion Workshop, please fill out this form. Co-sponsoring a Medallion Workshop means that you agree to send five or more members to the workshop and you agree to help advertise for the workshop. Co-sponsoring workshops are on a first-come-first serve basis.

Filling out the forms to co-sponsor a workshop or request an event to be a Medallion Program is not a guarantee. You will receive an email informing you of your co-sponsorship or hosting status after you submit the form.

To request Opening Session Level One (Understanding Leadership) or Opening Session Level Two (The Practice of Leadership) please fill out this form. You must have a minimum of ten people to request the workshops mentioned above.


Contact for more information.