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Leadership Development

Medallion Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Medallion Program?

The Medallion Program provides workshops, interactive activities, and personal reflection to assist you in developing leadership capabilities. It is intended to help you develop personal capabilities that also extend to the University of Rochester community.

How do I participate?

You should fill out the Enrollment Form and plan to attend the level one opening session to begin the Medallion Program. The full requirements for each level are listed on the Medallion Program website.

You can attend any Medallion Program workshop offered throughout the semester, even if you haven’t attended the opening session workshop. Workshops are on a first come first serve basis. You can register for workshops online.

Please arrive on time! If you are more than 15 minutes late to a workshops it may not count towards your Medallion Program progress.

What is used to track progress? 

All program progress tracking is done by you, the student, in Campus Community Connection (CCC). Once you fill out the enrollment form it may take a few days for the Medallion Program to show up on your CCC page under the Paths section. You will record the name and date of each workshop you attend in addition to filling out a short reflection on CCC.

You must swipe your ID at each workshop you attend. We use that data to confirm self-reported attendance at workshops. 

Feel free to register for and attend any level one or level two workshops but be sure to keep track of those workshops as you wait for the Medallion Program to appear on your CCC page. Remember to track your level one and level two progress in the Medallion Program Path in CCC once you have access. If you have any questions email

How do I use Campus Community Connection (CCC) to track my progress?

Review the Guide to the Medallion Program on Campus Community Connection (CCC) for information about how to track progress.

What do the levels mean?

Each level of the program corresponds to different aspects of leadership. Level one focuses on your own development as a leader. Level two focuses on leadership in practice and is targeted towards you who are active is recognized student organizations. Level three focuses on the impact your leadership has on others and provides an opportunity to develop new leadership resources.

For level three you must have completed level one and level two prior to starting level three. 

Can I skip levels or workshops?

There are some instances where a class or assignment will grant you credit for certain levels or workshops. For instance, the Rising Leader Class is an alternative to participating in level one of the program. In most cases, you will be required to complete all requirements of a level to earn credit for that level. You are not required to take level one or level two workshops in sequence, meaning you may attend any level one or level two workshop of interest to you.

Where did the levels, domains and program structure come from?

The six domains were developed from the CAS Standards, which indicate nationally-recognized leadership criteria that you should be able to demonstrate. The levels came from the Social Change Model which explicitly promotes the values of equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service, providing a powerful vehicle for developing student leadership capabilities in a collaborative environment. The workshops within the program structure reflect the University’s Communal Principles and the Student Association’s Ten Principles of Student Organizations.

What are the domains?

Please visit each of the individual domain pages for the definition of each domain.

How do I know a workshop is Medallion eligible?

All eligible workshops will mention the Medallion Program and have the Medallion logo in its advertisements. You can also consult the Medallion Program website for a full list of eligible workshops. If you have a workshop, event, or class that you would like to be Medallion eligible fill out this form.

How can my student organization co-sponsor a Medallion Workshop? 

If you are interested in co-sponsoring a Medallion Program workshop please fill out this form. Co-sponsoring a Medallion Workshop means you agree to send five or more members to the workshop and you agree to help advertise for the workshop.

Co-sponsoring workshops are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Filling out the form does not guarantee co-sponsorship. You will receive an email informing you of your co-sponsorship status after you submit the form. 

What is the Medallion Leadership Society? 

The Medallion Leadership Society is an undergraduate group of students that is dedicated to leadership. The society educates their peers to realize their leadership potential and become engaged members of the campus and surrounding communities, in an effort to achieve positive social change. Members in the society will participate in committees, have opportunities to meet with deans, and plan leadership programs for the Office of the Dean of Students.

What do I gain from participating in the Medallion Program?

Level one: You develop skills to be more successful at the University of Rochester, enhance skills you already have, learn to be an advocate for the Communal Principles and increase your capacity to be a leader.

  • Level one pin
  • Invitation to Medallion Reception

Level two: You gain a deeper, more complex understanding of leadership and collaboration with others. You will increase your skills in conflict resolution and group dynamics.

  • Level two pin
  • Invitation to Medallion Reception

Level three: You will have the opportunity to impact the larger student life community.

  • Receive a level three pin
  • Have the ability to join the Medallion Leadership Society 
  • Attend recognition receptions
  • Be invited to attend the Medallion Program Reception