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Leadership Development

Medallion Program Level Three

How Does Practicing Leadership Impact Others?

Level three of the Medallion Program focuses on the implementation of all six domains to elevate your leadership style. To successfully complete this portion of the program you will need to complete the following: 

Plus one of the following:

Leadership Class

For this class to count toward your level three requirements, you must complete the class after finishing level one and level two but within a semester of when you want it to count toward completing level three.

Choose a class from the approved list below*:

  • CAS 120: Exploring Intercultural Competence: Preparation for the Global Citizen
  • CAS 125: Creating Inclusive Campus Communities
  • CAS 206: Community-Engaged Scholarship
  • CAS 207: Chemistry Engagement in the Rochester City School District
  • CAS 304: Urban Crime and Justice
  • CAS 357: Peer Mentoring and Advising
  • CAS 370: Applied Leadership In Student Government

*Depending on the number of credits of the class, you may have to take additional workshops to meet requirements.

Specialization Project

For this requirement students will work with one of the following offices or areas to assist with or create sustainable programing, like a workshop series:

  • Student employment (Wilson Commons Student, Office of the Dean of Students, etc.)
  • Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
  • Intercultural
  • Service learning

You must also submit a one-page proposal of your project within the chosen specialization within the first 30 days of the semester. Papers can be emailed to and must address the following questions:

  • How does it benefit the Rochester community?
  • How does it integrate all six domains of the Medallion Program?
  • How do you plan to execute the project?
  • What is the proposed timeline of completion? 

Level Three Incentives

Upon completion of the requirements for level three you will:

  • Receive a level three pin
  • Have the ability to join the Medallion Leadership Society 
  • Attend recognition receptions
  • Be invited to attend the Medallion Program Reception