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Medallion Program

Medallion Leadership Society



Upon completion of the requirements for Level 3 and opting into the Medallion Leadership Society you will:

    • Receive a Medallion
    • Attend an exclusive retreat
    • Work with Deans and staff on Office of the Dean of Students specific programming
    • Support the Medallion Program workshops
    • Be a guest at exclusive receptions
    • Have professional development opportunities

What is the Medallion Leadership Society?

The Medallion Leadership Society is an undergraduate student group that is dedicated to leadership.  The society educates their peers to realize their leadership potential and become engaged members of the campus and surrounding communities, in an effort to achieve positive social change. Members in the Society will participate in committees, have opportunities to meet with Deans, and plan leadership programs for the Office of the Dean of Students.

Member Responsibilities:

Members divide their time within three areas, serving as a resource to students, developing/coordinating and implementing leadership programming for students, and performing other administrative duties. Further details are provided below:

  • Resource:
    • Serve as leadership peer advocates who are available to other students for support and guidance
    • Act as a clearinghouse to create a network where students can be connected to leadership, service, and civic engagement resources
    • Offer feedback on the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) leadership related programs/initiatives, as well as assist with any assessment.
    • Assist with the promotion and advertisement of ODOS events, programs, opportunities and other offerings.  This may take various forms including presentation of information.
  • Programming:
    • Facilitate skill-based workshops for individual students, student groups, and student organizations.
    • Participate in leadership opportunities on other campuses.
    • Develop, plan, and implement initiatives, programs, and activities within ODOS, which focus on leadership development and education.

Examples of potential opportunities include:

  1. Fall Leadership Training
  2. Spring Leadership Training
  3. Slingshot to Success
  4. Medallion related workshops and reflections
  5. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs trainings
  6. Bystander Brigade
  • Administrative:
    • Attend and actively participate in Medallion Leadership Society and other related committees when needed.
    • Develop creative ways to enhance and market leadership. programs/opportunities