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Medallion Program

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Leadership Begins with You!

Level 1 of the Medallion Program focuses on your own development as a leader. To successfully complete this portion of the program you will need to complete the following: 

  • Must complete an enrollment form (Click here to fill out the form)
  • Must attend a Level 1 Opening Session
    • Opening Session (required to complete level one)
      • Level 1 Opening Session
        • Friday 9/8/2017 at 3:00pm in Douglass Commons - Room 401 (Ed Feldman)
        • Tuesday 8/29/2017 "Understanding Leadership" Fall Leadership Training (Multiple Presenters)
      • Level 1 opening session workshops can be requested
        • Groups must have at least 8 people sign up and attend in order to request an opening session workshop
        • Contact to request an opening session workshop
  • Must complete a short reflection for each workshop (Submitted via CCC)
  • Must complete a final reflection paper (Submitted via CCC)
    • Level 1 participants are required to submit a 1 paged paper reflecting on what they have learned during their experience in Level 1 of the Medallion Program and include the answers to the questions below in their reflection:
      • 1. What did you learn about yourself?
      • 2. How can you share what you have learned with others? How might you incorporate those lessons to real situations (group, organization, your own work…)
      • 3. What can you do now to navigate the leadership road ahead with the most success?
  • Must complete a Level 1 assessment (Submitted via CCC)

**Medallion approved workshops/events/programs offered by other groups, academic offices and/or throughout the campus may be marked by the Medallion logo. Some are also listed on this website below the domain it fulfills (Knowledge AcquisitionCognitive ComplexityIntrapersonal CompetencePractical Competence orCivic Engagement). Contact the offices listed for more details regarding the workshop/program/event. 

  • Workshops/events/programs that are listed under multiple domains can only fulfill ONE of the domains it is listed under (you have the choice which one of the domains you want it to fulfill).

Co-Sponsoring Workshops: If you are interested in co-sponsoring a Medallion Program workshop please fill out this form. Co-sponsoring a Medallion Workshop means you agree to send 5 or more members to the workshop and you agree to help advertise for the workshop. Co-sponsoring workshops are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Filling out the form does not guarantee co-sponsorship. You will receive an email informing you of your co-sponsorship status after you submit the form. 

Participation in the Rising Leader Class, Urban Fellows, or the Resident Advisor Class fulfills ALL of the Level One requirements. (Please specify your participation in those classes on your Enrollment Form).

The Domains

There are a total of 6 domains in the program: Knowledge Acquisition, Cognitive Complexity, Intrapersonal Competence, Interpersonal Competence, Practical Competence, and Civic Engagement. In Level 1 all except Interpersonal Competence will be covered.

Level 1's domains are Knowledge Acquisition, Cognitive Complexity, Intrapersonal Competence, Practical Competence, and Civic Engagement. If you want to complete Level 1 you must complete the tasks outlined in Level 1's description above which includes participating in a Level One Opening Session in addition to participating in 1 workshop from each of the 5 domains (5 workshops in total). Again, you can choose to complete all levels, some levels, or even just a few workshops. At any point you can move in and out of levels or choose to only take a few workshops. Those that complete all levels will be welcomed into the Medallion Leadership Society!! 


M Domains 

Level 1 Incentives

Upon completion of the requirements for Level 1 you will:

  • Receive a level 1 pin
  • Be invited to attend the Medallion Program Reception
  • Have developed skills to be more successful at the University of Rochester, enhanced skills, been an advocate for the Communal Principles and increased your capacity to be a leader.
  • Have completed a third of the requirements to become a member of the Medallion Leadership Society.