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Learning and Exploring at Play

Information for Interested Students

How does it work?

LEAP Sessions

LEAP tutors are placed on small teams (6-10 students) of under the guidance of a team leader. Each team member is paired individually with a child and the group conducts three-hour sessions on Saturday mornings.

During session the team leader guides the group through activities while maintaining an open environment where each individual child is able to make choices and explore their interests alongside their partner.

Sessions are planned completely by the tutors and are customized based on the interests of the children in the group. Each team meets weekly outside of session to debrief, plan activities, and support each other as they work to find the most effective ways to help their specific group of children learn.

LEAP is designed to promote active learning in an environment that is open to exploration and gives children the opportunity to learn through play. Each tutor has an important role as they discover the interests and abilities of their specific partner child and encourage literacy, math, science and social development.

Classroom Assistance Time

In addition to Saturday sessions, LEAP tutors participate in Classroom Assistance Time, or CAT. During this time tutors are placed in a classroom and expected to assist and observe the classroom teacher.

CAT placements are not limited to kindergarten and preschool; tutors can be placed in any classroom from K-8th grade in a variety of subject areas including social studies, science and special education.

How do I join?

Applications are currently closed for Fall 2017. To apply for a tutor position for the 2018-2019 academic year, check back in mid-Spring 2018 for position openings through JobLink.

If you have any questions about LEAP please contact Lindsey Feigenbaum in the Rochester Center for Community Leadership.