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Transition Opportunities at the University of Rochester (TOUR)

What is TOUR?

TOUR is an inclusive college experience at University of Rochester for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities age 18-21. TOUR is made possible by a partnership between Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Monroe #1 BOCES, and the Institute for Innovative Transition.

While in TOUR, students have the opportunity to participate in:

  • College courses at University of Rochester (non-credit status)
  • Vocational training and internships (paid and unpaid)
  • Transition and independent living education
  • Social activities on and off campus

Students are supported by special education teachers and employment specialists from Monroe #1 BOCES as well as trained and supervised UR undergraduate peer mentors. All courses, activities, and work experiences are catered to students’ individual career goals and interests. Preparation for competitive employment after graduation is a goal for all students.

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More Information

More information for TOUR Students, their families, and current or interested TOUR Academic Coaches can be found by clicking on the images below.