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Wilson Day

Celebrated each fall for more than 25 years, Wilson Day is an annual day of community service for new and incoming University of Rochester students. Students are placed at nearly 100 agencies throughout the city of Rochester to complete a variety of service projects including washing chalkboards, painting houses, landscaping, and playing bingo in nursing homes.

A proud tradition with Rochester faculty, staff, and students, Wilson Day as integral part of Freshman Orientation, introducing incoming students to their new city and helping them to form connections with local community members.

Wilson Day 2017

This year Wilson Day will take place on Monday, August 28th. After a short opening ceremony, over 1,400 students will volunteer in the Rochester community with over 70 partnering organizations. After service concludes at 5:00 pm, students will spend time reflecting on their experiences and discussing ways to stay involved in their new community with upperclassmen leaders dedicated to community engagement.

Connecting to the Local Community

Wilson Day is an opportunity for new students to get off campus and go to an agency in the community. Students establish a personal connection to the place they serve, and sites are chosen specifically so that volunteers have the opportunity to return to that agency throughout the year. Students are able to continue their relationship with the agency even after Wilson Day, helping to establish a closer bond between students and the city of Rochester.

Why We Serve

Participating in community service benefits and enriches the agencies that are helped as well as the lives of those doing the service. As the only college within Rochester’s city limits, we strive to be responsible, respectful, and engaged members of our community. Through Wilson Day, the University of Rochester hopes to instill an appreciation of Rochester and a dedication to service into all of its students.