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Student Stories

Student Stories

Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom from the class of 2017:

  • Keep going! You can do it!
  • Microbiology is the way to go! The night before the exam will never be enough time!
  • Believe in you passions ad don’t be afraid to try something new!
  • Never Give Up!
  • Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.
  • Congratulations! When it gets hard keep pushing through.
  • “How are you going to eat if you are not hungry?” STAY HUNGRY!
  • Just have fun!
  • Stick with it & never give up!
  • Stay focused and have tons of fun!
  • Always be on the lookout for free food.
  • Never strop trying to get AHEAD in your school work -start early.
  • Find your favorite spot in the library.

Encouraging quotes from anonymous students to their peers:

  • "Hi 1st Gens’s! My advice is to follow your heart. Not worry about other people’s opinions. Be yourself, enjoy yourself, study hard, have fun. It’ll all work out."
  • "You may think what you’re achieved is just the “Norm”, but actually, as a 1st Gen, you already went through so much more!"
  • "Be flexible as plans often go away."
  • "Never forget your friends and family back home—they can be a great source of support! Pave your own path! Make mistakes!"
  • "Very few will understand your struggle, but the struggle is worth it. Persevere. Seek help. And enjoy it all. Be proud of yourself. You can do it!"
  • "My piece of advice:
    • Dont be intimidated by the students whose parents attended amazing universities.
    • Don't be intimidated by the students who had the opportunity to attend top private schools.
    • Work harder than them. You got this."

Advice from UR Campus Community

Words of wisdom from the class of 2016:

  • Just work hard and try to be a better version of yourself every day.
  • Your academic performance is not as important as feeling engaged with and passionate about something meaningful to you.
  • Don’t let being a first-generation student stop you from rising to the top of your class.
  • Always stay gracious—best revenge is your paper!
  • Even if you don’t need to meet with your various advisors MEET with them. They will help you out in ways you never thought of.
  • Never be afraid to ask question, always seek more wisdom!
  • You are going to be a role model for so many people, you don’t even understand! Setting such an important path is worth so much, and I am glad I am in the position you are. Good luck?
  • Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Just go for it, you can accomplish more than you think!
  • Achieve!
  • STUDY ABROAD! It won’t cost more than regular tuition. Just do it!
  • Don’t stress the small stuff. It’s okay if you don’t do as well as expected, you have four years.
  • Follow your passions! I can’t stress that enough. Don’t go pre-med because your parents want you to be a doctor and are funding your education. College is for you and it is your time to grow. It will be much more rewarding in the long run if you major in something that truly interests you. Success will find you when the time comes.
  • You’re the first to go to college so you can’t get advice from your parents, but the community at Rochester is great. You will find it great here and I hope you can achieve your dreams! Everyone here will support you.

Encouraging quotes from anonymous students to their peers:

  • “Don't let distractions get in the way of your success.”
  • “It really is all worth it in the end.”
  • “Know when you need help, where you need help, how you need help, and then actively seek it out.”
  • “Don't be discouraged by students who come from different backgrounds.”
  • You were selected to attend this university because of what you could offer… you deserve this.”
  • “You CAN do college work. You have what it takes and there is a whole group of people here to walk alongside you.”
  • “Be yourself, do what you love NOT what you "should" do, and have FUN!”
  • “Connect. Connect with peers, especially those who are older. Learn from their experiences and reach out to them for guidance.”