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Fellowships are merit-based awards for further academic study or research disbursed through national, and sometimes international, competitions. Some sponsors also use the term “scholarship” in the name of their awards. In the context of national academic competitions, a fellowship should not be confused with traditional sources of financial aid. Recipients are usually selected on the basis of high academic achievement, scholarly promise, career goals, leadership skills, service to others, character, and sometimes financial need. This is a selective list of national and international fellowships opportunities.

For most of the competitive award programs below, applicants must already be of sophomore standing at the time of application. However, there are several programs that accept applications from first-year students, including summer opportunities.

The federal government, foreign governments, and private philanthropic organizations sponsor these award programs; they provide funding based on academic merit and other criteria designated by each sponsor to support undergraduate study in the U.S. and abroad. See the individual programs’ official websites for complete information on eligibility requirements, application procedures, application forms, and exact filing deadlines. Many sites also include profiles of past winners.

See the Guide for First- and Second-year Students for suggestions on ways to improve one's competitiveness for fellowships. The guide also contains links to searchable fellowships databases.

Some of these programs are officially coordinated at UR by the Fellowships Office (Dewey 4-209B, 276-5869) and are overseen by the Director of Fellowships, Belinda Redden (fellowships@rochester.edu); others are handled by the Center for Study Abroad (2-147 Dewey Hall, 275-7532, abroad@mail.rochester.edu). Many programs do not require any formal University involvement, but students are encouraged to seek advisement from the relevant office for these competitions as well.

Programs preceded by an asterisk (*) require institutional endorsement of candidates.

Programs preceded by a dagger (†) accept applications from first-year students.

When University nomination or endorsement is required, campus application deadlines are much earlier than the national application due dates; check with the appropriate office at least a semester in advance if you are interested in applying for any of these awards. In most cases, a faculty committee selects nominees based on a complete draft of the official fellowship application; the nomination process may also include an interview.

Please be advised that before we nominate you or endorse your candidacy for a fellowship competition, we will perform a conduct and academic honesty check to confirm that you are in good disciplinary and academic standing. Click here for the release/waiver form; please sign and return to the Fellowships Office.

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* † David L. Boren/NSEP (National Security Education Program) Undergraduate Scholarship


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DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/German Academic Exchange Service)


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* †Davis Projects for Peace


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* Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship


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* Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship


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Humanity in Action Foundation Fellowship


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The Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship


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McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program


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National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program


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New York Women in Communications, Inc. (NYWICI) Foundation Scholarship


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SMART Scholarship for Service Program (Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation)


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* Udall Scholarship


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All-USA Today College Academic Team


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