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Should I apply to be a leader?

Serving as a Workshop leader provides:


Feedback from Past Leaders

David Feil-Seifer, a former CSC leader says “All of my teaching and mentoring experiences have been successful, in large part, due to the excellent Workshop program at the U of R… When I was interviewing for grad school, I was asked about the Workshop program in great detail. I feel that it played a large part in making me stand out from other candidates.”

Kristine Wadosky (’09), a former Biology leader, says “The UR Workshop model has played an integral role in the development of my goals.”

Seema Bhopale, a former CSC leader, says “Having been a Workshop leader, I was able to teach the kids [as a TA] in a very energetic, hands-on way, and I really believe that they responded better to me as a result…I have yet to meet anyone in graduate school who has had the formal experience in teaching and presenting that I have [via the Workshop program]…The best thing about the Workshop program for me was that it showed me how to build an effective team…I have opened many doors with confidence that rose from leadership training. And when you have confidence, people notice.”

Jenie George (’09) , a former Biology leader says “The time spent learning in Workshop, as well as being a leader, were some of my most memorable times as a UR student.”

Christopher Hergott (’09), a former Biology leader, says “Helping students gain confidence and take away a conceptual understanding from my Workshops was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.”

Comments from Simon School leaders (2009):
“[leader training] is one of my defining experiences here at Simon.”
“[leader training] is better than any other leadership role at Simon.”
“I would rate [leader training] as one of the best experiences to have in Simon where I could interact with not only my peers but also work closely with the faculty.”


General Duties of a Peer Leader


Information for Current or Past Leaders

Tips on how to run a Workshop:

Important Readings from Issues in Group Leadership:

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Did you know...

Workshop StudentsThe connections that students make through Workshops often lead to lasting academic partnerships.