Study Abroad

Planning to Go Abroad

Registering for Study Abroad Status

Online registration is scheduled to begin on April 6, 2015 (by class standing). In order to ensure correct billing for the fall 2015 semester, you must register for study abroad by the end of online registration. It is essential that you check your registration carefully. Specific study abroad course titles, numbers, and CRNs are listed below. Please follow these instructions carefully.

If you are going on a UR-sponsored program (except Internships in Europe, Cologne Exchange, or Arezzo program) register for:

CRN 72249, 1SAB 301 Study Abroad UR Program (16 credits)

If you are going on a non-UR program, register for:

CRN 72255, SAB 302 Study Abroad Non-UR Program (0 credits)

If you are going on the Cologne Exchange Program Register for:

CRN 72261, 1SAB 328 Cologne Exchange, Germany (16 credits)

If you are going on an Internships in Europe (EPA) Program, register for site AND internship type:

1. The appropriate site e.g. EPA London Courses - UR (8 credits)

CRNCourse NumberCourse Title
72321 1SAB 334 London Internship (EPA) semester
72307 1SAB 332 Brussels Internship (EPA) semester
72287 1SAB 330 Germany Internship (EPA) semester
72342 1SAB 336 Madrid Internship (EPA) semester
72368 1SAB 338 Edinburgh Internship (EPA) semester

2. Your internship type e.g. European Politics Internship (8 credits)

CRNCourse NumberCourse Title
1PSC 397 European Politics Internship
19717 1CAS 397A European Health Science Internship
19726 1CAS 397B European Business Internship
10971 1AH 397 European Arts Internship

If you are going on the Italian Studies in Tuscany Program, register for:

CRN 72228, 1SAB 293: Rochester in Arezzo, Italy (0 credits)

For the Arezzo program, you also need to register for the following courses for a total of 18 credits:

Important Notes:

*This is an estimated fee for 2015-16.