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Undergraduate Students

Become a Tutor

Fall applications are closed.  Accepting applications for spring semester starting Nov. 1st.  Look for the tutor job posting in Joblink Nov. 1st. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CETL Tutor.  To apply, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Complete this flowchart

  1. Do I have at least an A- in the course(s) I want to tutor?
    • If yes, go to 2.
    • If no, Tutors should only offer courses in which they receive an A.
  2. Am I available to attend a full-semester course meeting at either 10:25-11:15 AM or 2-2:50 PM on Fridays? (Required)
    • If yes, go to 3.
    • If no, I should reevaluate whether or not this position is really a good choice for me right now.
  3. Is there a faculty or staff member I feel comfortable reaching out to for a recommendation?
    • If yes, go to 4.
    • If no, connect with more faculty and staff in the future to create a network for professional and academic support.
  4. Am I willing to keep excellent records of my tutor sessions and the hours I work?
    • If yes, I should apply to become a CETL Tutor! I'll check out the application process instructors below!
    • If no, I should reevaluate whether or not this position is really a good choice for me right now.

Step 2: Complete the CETL Tutor Application Form and then save it to your desktop/laptop.

Step 3: Download and save your unofficial transcript from Access

Step 4: Log in to your BlackBoard account and click on Joblink. Complete the entry for this position and upload your resume if you haven't already uploaded a resume to Joblink (My Account > My Documents > Resume).

Step 5: Upload the CETL tutor application form under the COVER LETTER section in Joblink.

Step 6: Upload your unofficial transcript under the APPLICATION MATERIALS section in Joblink.

Step 7: Ask a UR instructor or staff member who knows you well to submit a short email recommending you for the position to  The email should speak briefly to your ability to work independently and professionally with students of diverse backgrounds and learning profiles.

Thank you for your interest in CETL Tutoring! 

CETL makes tutor selections based on subject demand.  While we hire an array of tutors for different subjects, chemistry, biology, data science, computer science, physics, engineering, economics, and math are all high demand subjects and therefore make for desirable applicants.  CETL will notify you before the end of the semester regarding an interview or to let you know the positions have been filled.  Please feel free to apply again next semester if you are not chosen during this round of hiring.