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Pre-College Programs

Upward Bound

Trio-Upward Bound Logo Upward Bound supports and challenges high school students in their efforts to apply and gain admission to college. We are comprised of two specific programs:

They are designed to help first-generation and/or low-income students who are enrolled in the Rochester City School District. Each year a theme is chosen as the foundation for student-driven research, instruction, and projects.

Students selected to participate in Upward Bound are expected to attend all program events and activities. Activities take place after school, on some weekends, and during the summer. Students apply for our programs in the spring of their ninth-grade year and remain in the program until their sophomore year in college.

Program Eligibility

An applicant must be a:

  • Ninth- or tenth-grader at East or Monroe High Schools (Upward Bound Classic)
  • Ninth-, tenth-, or eleventh-grader at East, Franklin, or Wilson High Schools (Upward Bound Math/Science)
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • Potential first-generation college student (i.e., residential parent does not have a four-year college degree) or low-income according to federal guidelines

These requirements apply to both the classic and the math/science Upward Bound programs.

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Upward Bound Classic

In the classic Upward Bound program students will participate in:

  • Cultural events, academic programs, and other educational activities
  • Activities designed to acquaint students with a wide range of career options
  • Mentoring programs involving school teachers, faculty members at the University of Rochester, college students, and other professionals
  • Programs and activities for individuals with limited proficiency in English
  • A summer instructional component designed to simulate a college-going experience

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Upward Bound Math/Science

In the math/science Upward Bound program students will participate in:

  • Intensive instruction in mathematics and science, including hands-on experience in laboratories, computer facilities, and at field-sites
  • Activities to learn from mathematicians and scientists who engage in research and teaching at the University of Rochester and other public or private institutions
  • Tutoring and academic counseling services provided by undergraduate and graduate students
  • A summer instructional component that is designed to simulate a college-going experience

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