Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The generous support of University Trustee Robert Goergen and his wife, Pamela, enables the College to recognize, reward, and encourage strong and innovative undergraduate teaching.

The Goergen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching recognizes the distinctive teaching accomplishments and skills of faculty in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. The award aims to acknowledge the full scope of work that contributes to excellence in undergraduate education. It can be given for distinguished teaching in large introductory courses or advanced seminars. In addition to being given for superior classroom performance, it can recognize innovation in course design or teaching methods, the creative use of educational technology, the integration of research and teaching, the capacity to elicit superior work from students, or the mentoring of students in independent study projects and senior essays.

Submission and Decision Process

The College invites nominations from chairs or program directors within the College. In addition to the nomination letter (provided by the chair or program director) the package should include a summary and relevant highlight of supporting materials.

If you are part of the College community (undergrad, grad, faculty, staff, or administrator) and are interested in proposing a name for nomination, please contact your department chair or program director.

Criteria for the Goergen Teaching Awards

The required chair or program director nomination letter should provide a summary and relevant highlights of supporting materials.

Nominations should make a case for the nominee’s distinctive achievement in undergraduate teaching. Students wishing to make nominations are encouraged to work with the nominee’s department to assemble the required information. In addition to the chair or program director's letter, the nomination may include:

  • Letters of support from faculty colleagues who have substantial knowledge of the nominee’s teaching or innovation in curricular or pedagogical areas. Please limit these submissions to two.
  • Letters from students, teaching assistants, or others who have been influenced by the nominee’s activities. Please limit these submissions to five.
  • Other supporting documents highlighting excellence, such as SCOQ results, information about grants related to pedagogy or course development, or other teaching awards.
  • The nominee's teaching statement and CV.

All nominations must be submitted to the dean of the College, Jeffrey Runner, no later than Friday, June 2, 2023. Early submissions are encouraged. The Hajim School Dean, the School of Arts and Sciences Dean, and the Dean of the College shall make the final decision.

The selection committee may make three awards of $15,000 each. The award is presented at the annual Goergen Awards Ceremony in October.

History of the Award

The Goergen Awards were originally three separate awards, presented each year since 1997, and were awarded to members of the College faculty and staff, both individually and collectively who demonstrated the range of contributions to undergraduate learning. In 2010 the Goergen Awards program was redesigned to make larger awards focused exclusively on excellence in undergraduate teaching by individual faculty members.

Award Winners

See the previous award winners page to see recipients prior to 2010.

Goergen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
2023Jack DowneyReligion and Classics
2023Whitney Gegg-HarrisonWriting, Speaking and Argument 
2023James McGrathBiomedical Engineering
2022Ajay AnandGoergen Institute for Data Science
2022Christopher MuirMechanical Engineering
2022Pablo SierraHistory
2021Elaine SiaBiology
2021Jason MiddletonEnglish
2021William BridgesModern Languages and Cultures
2020Tanya BakhmetyevaSusan B. Anthony Institute
2020Rudi FasanChemistry
2020Scott SeidmanBiomedical Engineering
2019Matt BaileySheaMusic
2019Ryan PrendergastModern Languages and Cultures
2019Katherine SchaeferWriting, Speaking and Argument
2018Hayley ClatterbuckPhilosophy
2018Michael JarvisDigital Media Studies Program
2018John LambropoulosMechanical Engineering
2017Thomas BrownInstitute of Optics
2017Sina GhaemmaghamiBiology
2017Katherine MannheimerEnglish
2016Beth JorgensenModern Languages and Cultures
2016Amy LernerBiomedical Engineering
2016Bradley NilssonChemistry
2015Andrew ElliotClinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
2015John KesslerEarth and Environmental Sciences
2015Deborah Rossen-KnillWriting, Speaking and Argument
2014Julie BentleyInstitute of Optics
2014Jonathan PakianathanMathematics
2014Jeffrey TuckerEnglish
2013Bonnie MeguidPolitical Science
2013Anne MeridethReligion and Classics
2013John MichaelEnglish
2012Mark BockoElectrical and Computer Engineering
2012Alison FrontierChemistry
2012Richard KaueperHistory
2011Dan-Andrei GebaMathematics
2011John GivensModern Languages and Cultures
2011Joanna ScottEnglish
2010Carmala GarzioneEarth and Environmental Sciences
2010Kenneth GrossEnglish
2010Renato PerucchioMechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering