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Springfest Weekend 2020

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Celebrate a time honored tradition with us this year. Though we may be far apart, our hearts are still with you. Springfest may look a little different this year, but it will still have the same magic. This page will continue to be updated so be sure to check back frequently.

Wednesday, April 22

Quadfox Virtual 5K
While you may not be able to take part in your normal day-to-day activities, you can still be a part of the University of Rochester community and stay active by signing up for our Quad Fox Virtual 5K!

What is a Virtual 5K?
A virtual race is one that you run or walk on your own, at any time of day, in any place you like! The only rules are that you must complete the distance (5K/3.1 mi) and you have to do it during the time period. Virtual races are a way to stay connected with one another when you can't get together for a normal 5K. We all may be in different places, but we can all run or walk many different versions of the same Quad Fox Virtual 5K! Once you finish your face, you will submit your time and receive a finisher's certificate and a t-shirt will be mailed to you!

Check out the race website for more information!

Virtual Escape Room
“Try to find your way out of “Turn off the little lamp” - a virtual escape room challenge created by Anthony Smith from the Bronx, NY. Created unlike any other escape room, people have found themselves completely stuck for hours, and on some occasions, days. Choose to play by yourself, with a friend or family member; either way, good luck!
P.S. - Beware that there’s a possibility for spoilers in parts of the game as sections of the escape have become a guestbook, meaning any player can edit that part of the room.
If you “escape” the room, send us a screenshot and you will be entered to win a prize!! Email your screenshot to to submit your entry!”

Virtual Vacay
We cannot wait to go on our next virtual trip with ya’ll! We’ve already had so much fun! We are planning an extra special trip, with multiple stops! Be sure to check back here and on CCC for more info and to register. If you visit every site, you have the chance to win an awesome prize!

Thursday, April 23

Puzzle Challenge
Don’t miss this week’s puzzle challenge! Released every Thursday the puzzle challenge is a way for you to show your smarts and win prizes for it. Complete at least one of the three puzzles and you’ll be entered to win a prize! Your name will be entered for each puzzle you complete. All you have to do is email the completed puzzle to or send it to us on social media @WilsonCommonsUR. Check out the Week Highlights email this Thursday to get this week’s puzzles.

With Grit
During this national pandemic, Saul explains how students can harness the power of grit to stay centered around purpose-driven goals. Using storytelling, discussion, and practical exercises, students will feel empowered to develop gritty habits and use grit as a tool for moving forward.
This event is hosted by CAMPUSPEAK as part of their Virtual Impact Programming. Please register in advance.

Trivia Night - Virtual Edition
UR Late Night is proud to present Trivia Night (Virtual Edition)! Join us every Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT for a virtual trivia night. Compete against your peers and prove you’re the best at trivia. Prizes will be awarded to the winner each week.
Trivia will be hosted over Zoom. Use the below link to access the event:
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 490-660-663

Friday, April 24

Virtual Dandelion Day
This year, Dandelion Day will be all virtual! We still have amazing things planned out. Please visit the Dandelion Day website for more information, including information on our virtual headliner concert! Sponsored by Student Programming Board, SA Government, Wilson Commons Student Activities, Residential Life, and The College.

Meliora Painting with Jennelle Ross
Ready to channel you inner Bob Ross? Now is the time for you to showcase your talents! If you are off-campus, don’t fret! We can mail some painting supplies to you! Check out the event on CCC for info on how to get supplies.

Saturday, April 25

Virtual Movie Screening
Our movie screenings can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch, bed, recliner, lawn chair, or wherever! We are bringing the screenings to you! We are still carefully considering what to show, so check back here soon for the movie! Meanwhile, make sure you have the Netflix Party extension downloaded to your Chrome browser.

Meliora Dance Competition
Alright, stop! Hammer time! We’ve had entries come in from all over the world and we have been so excited to share the winners with you! We will be releasing the winner from each category every hour, starting at 1 p.m. EDT. Check out our social media and make sure you are following and have notifications on so you can see the winners (maybe one of the winners, is you??) Event Details.

Birds Eye Camera Scavenger Hunt
Ya’ll know the cameras on campus right? Well, make sure you go check them out and find all of the items for the virtual scavenger hunt. Take a screenshot when you find the item and send them to Don’t worry, we’ll give you some clues!

E-Sports Virtual Game Night
Join us tonight for a virtual game night! We will be playing ”Rocket League” and the games start at 7 p.m. EDT.