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Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable is responsible for:

  • Payments for goods and services that University employees and students procure through purchase orders, requisitions, and other means
  • Reimbursements for expenses incurred by University employees and students in the conduct of University business
  • Processing and distributing payments
  • Payment inquiries

Inquiries can be sent to Accounts Payable Customer Service via e-mail or by calling (585) 275-3483.

Organization Chart

Requests for tax exempt forms to suppliers should be sent to the Accounts Payable e-mail.

Approved expense reports (F3 and F34) should be emailed to


Please note our phone options have changed.

Accounts Payable E-Mail



Accounts Payable Customer Service



   (585) 275-3483 *



Inquiries regarding invoices and payment request, information about checks received, and charges on ledgers.


  Select phone option 1 *

Inquiries regarding travel and conference forms, employee expense reimbursements, and American Express Corporate Cards.


  Select phone option 2 *

Inquiries regarding a letter received about an outstanding check and for inquiries regarding duplicate payments.


 Select phone option 3 *

Inquiries regarding 1099 and 1042 taxable payments for U.S. citizens or permanent residents or for nonresident alien payments in the Glacier system.


 Select phone option 4 *