Overview of Embark @ NextCorps

NextCorps Embark program helps non-technical founders go from idea to revenue. Community participants will be able to pursue a business idea that addresses a real-world problem, validate its market potential, and build a software solution to sell, without a full-time commitment or knowledge of coding. Participants are supported by students from University of Rochester and RIT.

How Students Get Involved

Students at the University of Rochester can enroll in an experiential course, where they will learn how to work with founders in the Embark program and help them with a wide variety of projects, including research, marketing, planning, customer discovery and more. Class members will share their experiences in a cohort meeting once a week and spend 10-15 hours helping their NextCorps partners with their entrepreneurial ventures alongside peers from RIT. For this course, students will receive two (2) credits and earn a stipend.

If you are interested in enrolling in the class, contact Kathy Driscoll (kathy.driscoll@rochester.edu) to learn more.



Contact Kathy Driscoll, Associate Director of Career Management and Community Relations.
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