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Student Profiles

Adora DSouza

Adora DSouza

Name: Adora M. DSouza
Hometown: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Graduation Year: 2015
Program: Electrical Engineering
Degree: Master of Science

Why did you choose the University of Rochester for your graduate program?

I wanted a master's program with a significant research component. The University of Rochester offers a good range of research opportunities in the field that interests me. I was particularly interested in working on Biomedical Image Processing, and have been fortunate enough to work with two great professors in this field.

What is your research experience/project? 

During the spring semester I worked with Professor Doyley on segmentation of visceral fat from CT images using MATLAB. Currently, I am working with Professor Wismueller on analyzing functional connectivity in the human brain on fMRI.

What is your favorite part about life on campus?

I live in Whipple Park, which is connected to campus by the University shuttles, making access to the campus convenient. The shuttles go downtown to the Eastman School of Music, too, where I’ve enjoyed concerts. The campus is very beautiful and I have enjoyed many good reads alongside the river.

What is your experience living in Rochester? 

Rochester is a beautiful place with heavy snows and warm summers. Having lived all my life in the Persian Gulf and a few years in India, I was used to a very different climate. Although, the winters can get quite harsh, having the right winter wear makes the season manageable.

There are also a number of scenic places in and around Rochester that shouldn't be missed. Plus, Rochester has a large number of restaurants of different cuisines. Being an Indian who was raised in the Gulf, I crave both cuisines once in a while—and Rochester doesn't fail to satisfy these cravings. There are Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean grocery stores that have products from these regions. All this makes Rochester a city suited for people from different parts of the world.

Who is your favorite faculty member, and why?

I attended the Digital Image Processing course taught by Professor Doyley, who is one of the best professors I've ever had. The course was well structured and he conducted the class with enthusiasm, which made attending class fun. I also enjoyed working with him on a research project.

Currently, I am working with Professor Wismueller, who is a great advisor. He is very encouraging and made me feel like an important member of his lab the day I joined.

Anything else you want a prospective student to know about Rochester?

I have lived in Rochester for about a year. Settling in takes some time, but that is usually the case with moving to any new place. Also, it is better to be mentally prepared for the winters, especially if you haven't experienced winters; that and buying the right winter wear before winter starts makes the winters manageable. 

The public transport in Rochester is decent, and I have used the RTS [Rochester Transportation System] quite often. There are also many good car rental options, which makes traveling in and around Rochester convenient. Quite a few people choose to buy cars as it gives them more independence and flexibility. 

Before coming to Rochester, I was quite used to walking from home to the shopping mall, hospital, beach, etc., because everything was in walking distance. The ease of access to places is a lot less here than what I was used to. Even so, I find living here exciting, and I am sure that I will enjoy my one more year at Rochester.