Rochester’s Approach to Leadership

At Rochester, we understand leadership as a collaborative process through which individuals create change in their communities, regardless of whether they hold a position of authority. We believe that leadership can be learned through reflective experience and must be practiced to achieve competency and excellence.

Leadership is a College Competency; through formal and informal positions, everyone can be a leader. Students leverage the strengths of community to reach common goals and use interpersonal skills for coaching and development. Through a process of learning and applying skills, students can accomplish measurable and meaningful change.

 : The seven critical values of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development

Our programs are informed by:

We adhere to the research and philosophy that leadership is:

  • A process
  • Collaborative
  • Based on values
  • Non-positional
  • About change
  • A behavior that can be practiced and learned
  • Shared and situational: leaders and followers can often trade places
  • Action that is induced through the ownership of a shared vision