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Center for Community Engagement (CCE)
Glenn Cerosaletti, Director
107 Lattimore Hall
(585) 276-6860

CCE helps students develop the skills, experiences, and resources to solve complex societal issues.

Center for Student Conflict Management
Kyle Orton, Director
510 Wilson Commons
(585) 275-4085

The center helps students become positive community members by:

  • Educating them on the communal principles
  • Holding them accountable to the conduct system
  • Offering access to and training in conflict resolution processes

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (FSA)
John DiSarro, Director
201 Wilson Commons
(585) 275-3167

FSA supports, advocates for, and advises University of Rochester fraternity and sorority members.

M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
Kit Miller, Director
929 S. Plymouth Ave
(585) 463-3266

The institute collaborates with local organizations, academic institutions, students and committed peacemakers in:

  • Nonviolence education
  • Sustainability and environmental conservation
  • The promotion of racial justice

Parent and Family Relations
Dawn Bruner, Director
510 Wilson Commons
(585) 275-5415

Parent and Family Relations assists in orienting families to the University of Rochester and serves as a resource for parents throughout their student's undergraduate career.

Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center (BIC)
Jessica Guzman-Rea, Director
305 Douglass Commons
(585) 275-5678

The BIC exists to promote cultural awareness and engagement, educate on issues of identity, culture, and diversity, and provide opportunities for collaboration among students, staff, and faculty.

Wilson Commons Student Activities
Anne-Marie Algier, Director
Laura Ballou, Director, Wilson Commons
201 Wilson Commons
(585) 275-9390

Wilson Commons Student Activities helps to create an inclusive campus community by:

  • Engaging students in creative programming and traditions
  • Meaningful employment
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Innovative services and facilities