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Women's Leadership Awards

There are six University Women's Leadership Awards which are presented annually to women of the University community who have distinguished themselves through their achievements, service and contributions to the common good.

Nominations are open until Friday, September 29, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Complete our online form to submit a nomination.

The Awards

Susan B. Anthony Scholarship

Susan B. AnthonySponsored by the Women's Club of the University of Rochester, this scholarship is awarded to two undergraduate women who are of junior status and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment in co-curricular activities and academic achievement. This need-based scholarship is applied to the recipient's senior-year financial aid package; applications will only be sent to students with financial need as determined by the financial aid office.

Susan B. Anthony Prize

Susan B. AnthonyAwarded annually by the Women's Club of the University of Rochester, this prize is given to a senior enrolled in a five-year program (such as the 5th Year in Teaching, Take 5, 3+2, etc.) for her outstanding participation and leadership in extra-curricular activities and academic achievement. The award may be given to current fifth-year students or students about to enter their fifth-year program.

Jane R. Plitt Award

Jane PlittGiven to any part- or full-time woman undergraduate student, the recipient of this award displays exceptional leadership and community service on behalf of women. The student must also demonstrate a sincere commitment to attaining equal rights for women through her activities and involvements. Academic achievement is not a necessary condition in deciding who is to be recognized.

Fannie Bigelow Prize

Fannie R. BigelowThis prize is presented to an undergraduate upperclassman chosen on the basis of her individuality and ability to form and express fearlessly, with conviction and sound judgment, her own opinions on vital topics. She also participates in extra-curricular activities because she sincerely believes in their value to the college community beyond their purely social worth.

Dean Ruth A. Merrill Award

Dean Ruth MerrillSponsored by the University of Rochester Class of 1960 “City Girls”, inspired by Dean Ruth A. Merrill (dean of women 1954 – 1960), this award is presented to an undergraduate woman who has grown up in the Greater Rochester region. The recipient of this award is an ardent advocate for the Rochester region and participates in University and community activities that promote the overall well-being of the residents of Rochester. She seeks to address the disparity of opportunities which currently exist for many people, and to make a difference through her own civic commitment and that of other University students she engages in the work. (This need-based award will be presented at the annual Susan B. Anthony Legacy Dinner; applications will only be sent to students with financial need as defined by the Financial Aid Office.)

The Sue S. Stewart Leadership and Community Service Award

Sue S. StewartThe Sue S. Stewart Leadership and Community Service Award, made annually, recognizes a senior woman undergraduate student whose life in the University has been distinguished by a commitment to justice, equality, and community service, as these relate to diversity and inclusion. The students work will reflect the spirit of these principles and dedication to these qualities as expressed and inspired by the life and career of former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the University of Rochester, Sue Stewart. Qualifications also include a proven record of high academic achievement, and expressed ambitions and interest in professional careers of service to others, including the legal profession.