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Transition Opportunities at the University of Rochester (TOUR)

TOUR Students & Families

Support for TOUR Students

TOUR Teachers

Special education teachers from Monroe #1 BOCES work with students to develop life and work skills. These skills are developed with the support of TOUR teachers as well as during students’ academic and vocational activities.

Peer Support

University of Rochester undergraduates act as peer mentors to students in TOUR. Three different types of mentors support TOUR students:

Academic coaches: Coaches are paired one-on-one with TOUR students to support access to college courses at UR. They attend class regularly alongside their TOUR mentee, meet them weekly for individual academic coaching sessions, and are available throughout the week as needed. Coaches meet weekly for training on how to support students’ executive functioning and academic growth.

Social mentors: These mentors help TOUR students get acclimated to the UR campus and accompany them to social activities (during and outside the school day).

Interns: As part of their enrollment in PSY 384/385: Practicum in Developmental Disabilities, interns provide direct supports to students in TOUR.

Employment Support

TOUR students participate in a variety of paid and/or unpaid experiences as they work toward the goal of competitive employment. These experiences prepare students for the workforce by providing them with hands-on opportunities to learn transferable job skills.

TOUR student

Becoming a TOUR Student

If you are interested in becoming a TOUR student please contact JoAnn Genthner at Monroe #1 BOCES.

Group picture of TOUR coaches

TOUR Academic Coaches

Meet this year’s TOUR academic coaches.