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The University of Rochester is a strong institution today thanks to the extraordinary support of countless alumni, parents, and friends who care so deeply about its future. We invite you to join them by supporting the areas of the University that matter most to you.

For more information on the George Eastman Circle, please contact:

Annual Giving Programs

University of Rochester
Larry and Cindy Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center
300 East River Road
Box 270441
Rochester, NY 14627
(866) 673-0181

Martha Krohn, Associate Vice President, Engagement for Advancement
(585) 273-3298

LaShelle Lane, Engagement Administrative Manager
(585) 275-2412

George Eastman Circle Office

Casey Ann Zimny, Director, George Eastman Circle
(585) 276-4659

Erin Bory, Senior Associate Director, George Eastman Circle
(585) 275-6603

Jennifer Gibson, Associate Director, George Eastman Circle
(585) 276-6045

 Kim Rasmussen, Development Associate, George Eastman Circle
(585) 276-5581

Regional George Eastman Circle Officers


Marlies Sullivan, Executive Director of Regional Advancement
(585) 276-3184

Luci Izzo, Senior Associate Director
(585) 275-5209

Tara Thomas, Associate Director
(585) 275-6885

Jolie Spiers, Associate Director
(585) 276-0580

Metro New York City

Hazel Williamson, Senior Associate Director
(585) 276-4692

Southern Virginia

Linda Howland, Regional Director
(585) 275-5829

Midwest/Northern California

Danielle Warren, Assistant Director
(585) 275-8671


Jared Longmore, Assistant Director
(585) 276-7249

Hajim School of Engineering

Derek Swanson, Associate Director
(585) 273-1341

Simon Business School

Adam Gasiewicz, Assistant Director
(585) 276-7337

Eastman School of Music

Scott Ashley, Assistant Director
(585) 274-1054

Reunion Giving

Caroline J. Butler, Senior Associate Director

Support Staff

Karolyn Alves, Secretary for J. Spiers
(585) 276-4815

Rachel Lawrick, Administrative Assistant for G. Chodak
(585) 275-6166

Jill Cotter, Secretary for L. Howland & D. Warren
(585) 276-5902

Donna Mura, Program Assistant for D. Swanson
(585) 276-3093

Sheilah Mykins, Secretary for H. Williamson