Eastman School of Music

  • Twenty-seven talented musicians were awarded George Eastman Circle Scholarships, and hundreds more received financial support through annual fund contributions. These scholarships allow Eastman to remain competitive by attracting the most gifted, dedicated, and diverse students possible.
  • From 2022-2023, Eastman Community Music School awarded 485 scholarships to 348 students ranging in age from four months to over ninety years, 126 of which were thanks to generosity from annual fund donors. Scholarships are made possible thanks to the investment from a variety of individuals who care deeply for the community and believe in the power and importance of music education.
  • The Institute for Music Leadership (IML) offered 28 courses, 106 training opportunities and presentations, and 79 guests and industry experts this year. These offerings engaged 38% of the overall student body, including undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students. In addition to engaging the student body through programming, the IML provided thirty-three grants for Eastman students, alumni, faculty, and staff to pursue extracurricular leadership opportunities and experiences. Through high-quality programming and funding support, the IML is equipping and empowering musicians to become leaders.

Bullet points highlight impact made in 2022-23

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