School of Arts & Sciences

  • Charitable gifts through the George Eastman Circle continue to help defray costs for students and assist our undergraduate and graduate students through designated scholarships as well as other forms of student and financial aid.
  • Members provide support for diversity programming in the School of Arts & Sciences, including a series of workshops in Restorative Justice to help both faculty and students repair harm and rebuild trust and enhance our efforts toward transparency, open communication as well as equity and inclusion.
  • Funding helps to ensure research opportunities across all spectrums of study are available for our undergraduate students. Be it in the lab, at the medical center, in the community or through virtual means; the ability for our undergraduates to research side by side with the faculty and their peers provides an experience that is uniquely Rochester.
  • Member contributions provide support for initiatives in various departments and programs within the School of Arts & Sciences. These include interdisciplinary funding for many different projects across the whole of the School.

 Bullet points highlight impact made in 2020-21

2018-11-26 Sevak Mkrtchyan class 0164 AS