River Campus Libraries

  • The River Campus Library Excellence Fund supports the University of Rochester Libraries’ priorities as defined by the Dean. These include student experiential learning, redesigned and updated spaces, and digitization of resources to give better access to students, faculty, and researchers. In addition, we continue to enhance our collection with acquisitions of rare and unique materials, both physical and digital, for customized curricular experiences, curated exhibits, citizen scholarship, and collaborations with other cultural institutions.
  • The River Campus Libraries (RCL) researched and developed a comprehensive library internship program that provided practice/project-based employment/experiential learning through paid internships in students’ areas of interest. Summer internships include opportunities in IT, digital scholarship, finance, metadata, learning & research initiatives, and administration.
  • Internships offered coaching opportunities with outcomes of improved curriculum vitae; provided opportunities for students to present their projects to RCL and others; networking opportunities; and familiarized students with working in a professional environment.

Bullet points highlight impact made in 2022-23

2019-03-22 Ashlee Arder 1230