Golisano Children's Hospital

  • Charitable giving provided critical support to construct the Golisano Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness building, which opened in 2020, to treat children and adolescents with expanded and enhanced services for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, and other behavioral and emotional conditions.
  • Support helped recruit and retain the best faculty as well as draw master clinicians, cutting-edge researchers, and innovative educators—ensuring the robustness of the health care, medicine, and science workforce in upstate New York for generations to come.
  • This year’s fund-in-need focused on acquiring three new CARPEDIEM® machines to Golisano Children’s Hospital and provide right-sized dialysis machines for babies facing severe kidney disease.
  • The new pediatric liver transplant team, which was formed in 2018, performed its first transplant on an 18-year-old patient in June. This transplant establishes the foundation for the program, which will continue to operate on older children, with plans to expand and treat younger children within a few years.

Bullet points highlight impact made in 2020-21