Thompson Health

  • The new and expanded Sands-Constellation Intensive Care Unit—with a more efficient, state of-the-art design—enables an additional 330+ critically ill patients annually to receive exceptional care close to home. This fully community-funded $11.9M project allows a more robust team to care for patients with life-threatening illnesses or surgical needs.
  • Funding supported tripling the size of Thompson’s Pulmonary Medicine Clinic, which allows for a larger team of pulmonologists and respiratory therapists to accommodate and monitor more patients, minimizing wait times and reducing emergency care and hospitalization.
  • A new and modern angiography suite features higher quality imaging and lower doses of radiation. New intra-vascular ultrasound equipment will also aid in the image-guided removal of blood clots.
  • Thompson is among the first in the region to offer Savi Scout® radar localization technology to treat women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Savi Scout® technology allows surgeons to pinpoint tumors before surgery, without wires and with less discomfort. Its level of precision contributes to more exacting surgeries.

Bullet points highlight impact made in 2020-21

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