We are pleased to announce a generous George Eastman Circle member has anonymously created the Class of 1994 George Eastman Circle Scholarship Challenge.

This challenge is designed to encourage five alumni from the Class of 1994 to create a named George Eastman Circle Scholarship - which can be directed to their school of choice before our Class Reunion giving campaign ends on December 31, 2019.

This fall, the challenger will contribute $5,000 for each of the first five new George Eastman Circle scholarship pledges that are created.

Scholarships transform the lives of University of Rochester students who receive them, and are crucial for the University’s ability to attract and retain the brightest and most talented students, regardless of their economic background.

They also reduce the debt burdens of students, so they are free to pursue careers of their choosing upon graduation.

For more information about the impact of George Eastman Circle scholarships, please visit the George Eastman Circle Scholarship page.

*The challenger’s generous contribution will reduce each of the new unrestricted scholarship commitments to $20,000 over four years.