As a George Eastman Circle Leadership Council volunteer, you are truly advancing the work of the University and highlighting terrific ways to make a difference to fellow members, friends, and classmates. For your convenience, we have created talking points to assist you in conversations you may have about the George Eastman Circle and our impact.  We encourage you to share your story as part of these suggested talking points. Of course, these are only a starting point. Feel free to refine and tweak as you wish.


Talking Points:

  1. The George Eastman Circle is named after one of the University of Rochester’s greatest philanthropic supporters, George Eastman, the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company and a visionary who helped ensure the future of the University.

  2. More than 4,200 George Eastman Circle members pledge more than $9 million on an annual basis to the University of Rochester. In Rochester, there are 1,588 members.

  3. George Eastman Circle members provide unrestricted, current-use gifts to areas of the University they feel most passionate about. There are hundreds of different funds to choose from.

  4. George Eastman Circle members’ consistent, reliable, support enhances the Universities ability to pursue emerging priorities and strategic initiatives. Our members leadership annual gifts provide the revenue source for our University leadership to make critical decisions to ensure our institution’s record of achievement and ability to transform the world.

  5. Our membership levels start at $1,500 annually, and require a five-year commitment. For those who have graduated from college in the last decade, we have a special Associate level that financially is achievable for recent graduates.

  6. Since the program’s inception in 2007, 87% of our members have remained committed to the George Eastman Circle.

  7. Your story. Share with others why you support the University of Rochester through the George Eastman Circle.

George Eastman Circle Contact:
Erin Bory
Director, Volunteers and Engagement
George Eastman Circle
Office (585) 275-6603

General Confidentiality Policy Statement
Constituent information managed by or accessed on behalf of UR Advancement is confidential and is to be used only for the legitimate business and stated mission of the University of Rochester in the course of work assignments for the University.  The sale or transfer of the information by the volunteer is strictly prohibited.

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