Strong Memorial Hospital

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  • Cardiac surgeons performed the 200th heart transplant surgery, providing a 48-year-old father a second chance on life. Transplant surgeons performed the six-hour life-saving procedure.
  • Physicians have developed a new way to develop lifelike artificial organs and human anatomy models to rehearse complex surgeries and teach surgical residents and medical students. These models were first used in the Department of Urology, but projects are now underway throughout the Medical Center  and could soon be widely used to rehearse complex cases prior to surgery. 
  • Neuroscientist are developing new treatments for the emergency room and the military care centers located in war torn areas. This led to a grant from the Department of Defense that will further research and development of new therapies that could help protect the brain and other at-risk organs following a trauma, heart attack, or stroke.
  • Support has enabled the Flaum Eye Institute to increase its community outreach efforts. This includes screening adults and children with limited access to health care through in-person efforts and virtually, through the latest telemedicine technology.

Bullet points highlight impact made in 2016