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 July 15, 2009

Marvin Doyley Receives NIH Funding for IVUS Research

Marvin Doyley (ECE) has been awarded a new NIH R01 grant titled IVUS Detection of Rupture Prone Plaques. The overall goal of the project is to develop ultrasonic methods to assess the functional and structural properties of life-threatening atherosclerotic plaques and the arterial wall. Dr. Doyley will measure the functional properties of coronary arteries using a prototype intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) system, equipped with a dual frequency IVUS transducer (15 MHz and 30 MHz), to visualize molecules that are expressed preferentially by life-threatening atherosclerotic plaques. Ultrasound contrast agents will be used to target specific blood vessels. The outcome of the project will advance the use of ultrasound for the diagnosis of atherosclerosis.