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Center for Workshop Education

Resources for Instructors—Existing

This information is designed for faculty already using Workshops.

General Timeline

Use the following as a checklist to make sure that your preparations are on track.

  • About half way into the semester before, begin the recruiting and hiring process for peer-leaders with the help of your learning specialist. This must be done early enough to obtain enough qualified leaders.
    • By mid-semester, advertise for potential leaders via group email, department web site, and personal invitation.
    • If fitting, hold an informational meeting for potential leaders just after the midterm period.
    • Together with your learning specialist and former leaders (if possible) interview leaders in groups using the tried and true interview approach used by CWE.
    • Once leaders are chosen (and well before the end of the term) hold a contract signing meeting where expectations and compensation are presented verbally and in writing. Have leaders sign a contract.
  • Once the number of peer-leaders is selected, and therefore the number of Workshop groups determined, start to tackle the logistics. The logistics include space and time issues both for Workshops and for leader training. (Workshop friendly rooms) Obtain permission to use rooms through the registrar.
  • Review and update Workshop problems as needed.
  • Create groupings of student participants and student leaders. As best as you can, equalize groups in terms of gender, ethnicity and other relevant variables.

Measure and Track Effectiveness

  • Student Evaluations should be solicited by:
    • Students taking the course
    • Workshop leaders
  • To keep the program going, benefits, challenges and modifications should be documented for CWE and the appropriate dean.

Did you know...

Evaluating WorkshopsA system is already in place to evaluate the effectiveness of Workshops using student grades and attendance through CETL.