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Register with Disability Resources

Current and incoming students are welcome to register with Disability Resources if they are interested in accessing disability accommodations, exploring eligibility, or just identifying as a student with a disability. We encourage students to register as early as possible, but you are welcome to submit an application at any point during your time at the University of Rochester.

To register with Disability Resources, please complete the following steps:

1. Complete an Application

  1. Academic accommodation form
  2. Residential accommodation form

Completing an application allows us to learn more about you and help match you with the appropriate access coordinator. Application forms are also available in PDF format upon request.

2. Submit Supporting Documentation

You are able to upload documentation when submitting an application, or it can be emailed, mailed, faxed, or dropped off at our office in Taylor Hall (please check our Contact page for current office hours). Our mailing address can be found below.

Please note, while documentation is required for accommodation requests, students don't need to submit documentation before meeting with an access coordinator. We encourage students to meet with us at any point in the process. 

Read detailed guidelines for documenting a disability, procedures, and policies. Please be aware that UHS and UCC do not provide disability evaluations.

3. Schedule an Intake Meeting with Your Access Coordinator

During this meeting, your access coordinator will talk with you about barriers you may be experiencing and discuss reasonable accommodations or modifications to address these barriers. The process of determining reasonable accommodations is collaborative among the student, the access coordinator, the qualified professional with knowledge of the student's disability, and the course instructor or program director, if necessary.

Intake meetings are generally scheduled in person but can also take place over the phone or via Zoom.

What Happens Next?

If accommodations are granted, a notification of accommodations letter will be issued to the instructors of courses in which accommodations have been requested.

Students are responsible for initiating requests for accommodations in their classes each term.

Students may use the formal or informal process for dispute resolution, if they dispute the decision of the Office of Disability Resources.

Contact Us

Disability Resources
University of Rochester
Taylor Hall
P.O. Box 270195
Rochester, NY 14627