The Office of Disability Resources works to ensure that people with all kinds of disabilities have equal access and equal opportunity to fully participate in the University experience. We envision a collegiate environment committed to accessible and inclusive practices, where disability is a valued component of campus diversity.

Disability Resources offers academic adjustments and assists students requiring residential accommodations. Once students have selected the University of Rochester and have enrolled, they can register with our office.

Current students are encouraged to meet with an access coordinator early in the semester to become acquainted and talk about classroom accommodations. However, requests to discuss accommodations or learn more about our services are welcome at any time.


Supporting documentation regarding the existence and the nature of a student's disability is generally considered private. Accordingly, without written consent from the student, information contained in the disability file is kept confidential to the maximum extent possible. Disability-related information will also be kept separate from the student's academic record.

Access to a student's disability file is limited to the staff in the Office of Disability Resources, the University Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance, and other University officials who require access to the information to perform their professional responsibilities, or who need access to protect the health or safety of the student or others.

All records received will be destroyed seven years after last enrollment term.

Report an Accessibility Concern

Physical Accessibility

If you are having issues with physical accessibility in our campus buildings and spaces, please visit University Facilities and Services or contact Lynnett Van Slyke, the Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance, at (585) 275-9125 or l.vanslyke@rochester.edu.

Website Accessibility

The University of Rochester is committed to making its website as accessible, easy to use, and helpful as possible. If you are having issues or have suggestions for how we could improve the experience, please share your feedback.

Bias-related Incidents

If you know of an incident motivated by age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation of the targeted person or group, please fill out a Bias-Related Incident Report.

Accommodation Concerns

If you have a concern or dispute regarding a disability accommodation, contact your access coordinator or follow the University of Rochester's grievance process.