Training and Outreach

The Office of Disability Resources invites all members of the University community to learn about disability and accessibility.

We're just beginning to build our online training database; trainings currently available are listed below. If there's a topic you'd like to see covered, please contact us.

We also invite you to visit our lending library or request an in-person training session with us.

Faculty/Staff Accessibility Ambassador Project


To recruit and provide year-long support and training to a cohort of 52 faculty/staff members from across the University. This training will relate specifically to disability issues, facilitating accommodations, creating accessible materials, and implementing Universal Design for Learning strategies in their classrooms.

Description of Project

Part 1: Summer/Fall 2024

A new cohort of University of Rochester faculty and staff will complete the CAST Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education training in either Summer of Fall of 2024


Possible CAST UDL training dates:

UDL in Postsecondary Education - Summer 2024: June 3 - July 26

UDL in Postsecondary Education - Fall 2024: September 10 - November 1

This eight-week course consists of four modules, each lasting two-weeks in length. Each module will have one large-group, 90-minute, live Zoom session, one 60-minute facilitated small group meeting and self-paced learning:

Live sessions will be recorded and posted on the website for those who may need to miss a session, though we encourage you to be present, if possible, to get the most of your learning experience.

More information on this eight-week course is available on the CAST website

Part 2: Spring 2025

The cohort will also complete a series of University of Rochester Office of Disability Resources (ODR) training sessions. These ODR training sessions will include information on a variety of topics including:

  • ODR services and accommodations
  • Faculty/student rights and responsibilities
  • Communicating with students with disabilities
  • Inclusion and disability as diversity
  • Working with communication access providers
  • Creating accessible materials
  • Online/in-person course accessibility issues

Benefits for Participants

The tuition ($850 per person) for the CAST UDL training will be fully covered by this NYSED SWDPS grant, with no cost to the participants.

Additional grant funding will be used to provide participants with books/materials related to Universal Design for Learning and working with individuals who have disabilities.
Participants will earn a Postsecondary UDL Credential from CAST upon completion of their eight-week training program.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the program at the end of the 24-25 academic year, participants will be expected to:

  • Have the knowledge and skills to apply UDL principles to create inclusive experiences for their students
  • Be able to serve as a resource to their schools and departments by being able to share information about services for students with disabilities, creating accessible materials, and UDL instructional strategies

Join the Project

Faculty and staff who are interested in joining the project can register online by Completing the online signup form.

More Information

For more information about the program, contact Jen Prosceo, ODR director at


Part 1: Self-Advocacy in College

Part 2: What is Self-Advocacy?

Part 3: Growth Mindset

Part 4: Self-Reflection

Part 5: More Self-Reflection

Part 6: Rights and Responsibilities

Part 7: Circles of Support

Part 8: Thinking About the Future

Part 9: Goal Setting