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PumpPrimer is an intramural funding program for Arts, Science and Engineering researchers. It is designed to stimulate extramural funding for projects that are otherwise difficult to launch.

PumpPrimer on Hold

The PumpPrimer program is ON HOLD due to the impact that the COVID-19 health crisis has placed on University resources.

PumpPrimer I

Multi-institutional and/or multi-investigator research projects:

Federal agencies are exploring award mechanisms that bring together experts with complementary skills to address grand challenges.

We encourage faculty to take on such large-scale initiatives because they can potentially benefit multiple AS&E faculty, increase the quality and stability of our research infrastructure, and increase our national and international visibility.

Since such proposals require intensive preparation, the Dean’s Office may provide:

  • Teaching relief for the faculty member who champions the project.
  • Administrative support from our office for proposal preparation.
  • Travel costs up to $5K for planning proposals that bring together researchers from different institutions.
  • Researcher mobility travel grants of up to $5K to conduct overseas research visits (one to three months) in support of faculty research and expanding international collaborative networks.

View PumpPrimer I Guidelines.

PumpPrimer II

Innovative and high-risk projects:

The increasingly competitive environment for extramural funding increases the need for proof of concept and/or pilot data in proposals and decreases funding of high-risk proposals. To help faculty secure extramural funding for bold new research directions, the Dean’s Office will provide funding for up to one year.

  • Budgets up to $50,000 will be considered.
  • Cost-sharing with departmental resources is encouraged.

View PumpPrimer II Guidelines.

Apply for PumpPrimer II.

Applicants for both mechanisms are expected to submit a proposal for external funding within 18 months of the allocation of intramural PumpPrimer support. Both mechanisms will require a brief final survey to help us evaluate the effectiveness of this program.

Faculty in Arts and Sciences:
Refer questions to Janice Van Opdorp,

Faculty in Engineering:
Refer questions to Cindy Gary,