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PumpPrimer I Guidelines

PumpPrimer on Hold

The PumpPrimer program is ON HOLD due to the impact that the COVID-19 health crisis has placed on University resources.


PumpPrimer I support is available for large-scale initiatives that will lead to institutional and/or multi-investigator research projects and subsequently to extramural grant submissions that require resources for planning and collaboration purposes.

Likewise, Researcher Mobility Travel Grants may be requested for overseasresearch visits (one to three months). These grants provide the chance to expand international collaborative networks and enhance research via international collaboration. These grants may support graduate student or postdoctoral travel, but only if it directly benefits the research group, per his/her advisor.

Expressions of interest should include:

  • Anticipated funding mechanism, and due date, if known—i.e., program announcement and link.
  • List of investigators and institutions involved.
  • Brief description of research ideas—1 page maximum.
  • Basic budget of how grants will be expended.


All tenure-track faculty are eligible.


The Dean’s Office is poised to assist at any time; expressions of interest are welcome by email and will be discussed with faculty on an ongoing basis.


Up to $5,000 for planning purposes or researcher mobility travel grants.


Funds may not be used for faculty salary.

Application Process:

Interested faculty should contact their respective assistant dean of grants and contracts by email with a copy to John Tarduno,

For an appointment to discuss your project with Dean John Tarduno please contact Michelle Dunn by email at