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Data Governance

Proposed Data Governance Activities for 2021

The following items were proposed to the Data Governance Council as activities for the Data Governance and Support Office to undertake in 2021.

  • Data Security Classification Policy Implementation project has 5 workstreams that kicked off in December and will be meeting through June on the following activities:
    • Update webpages and documents to reflect new data classification labels.
    • Create communication and change management materials to aid users in the adoption of new data security classifications.
    • Update existing processes and policies to reflect new data security classifications.
    • Create New Processes to support the assignment and review of classifications.
    • Create or update training and educational materials around data security that reflect the new classifications and risk based measures.
  • Data privacy policy investigation to benchmark and do foundation work to understand how our peers address data privacy issues. Due to kick off in March.
  • Data retention guidelines to benchmark and do a gap analysis to understand best practices around data retention, record retention, and archiving. Due to kick off in February.
  • Identify and document critical data elements in the student domain to set priorities for data quality efforts for student data. Due to kick off in April.
  • Provide process enhancements and make other changes to the data permission request process to provide additional functionality. This work will be on going as more domains are brought into the data request process.
  • Formalize the process and infrastructure to support ad hoc data management starting with data for business unit identifiers for nursing staff at the hospital. This work is underway and is likely to be completed by April.
  • Improve training and education for data users and data stewards across the University. This includes restarting the data literacy efforts suspended in Spring 2020 as well as more detailed training for targeted audiences.

If you would like more information about any of this work or would like to make suggestions or participate in any DGSO project, please email the Data Governance and Support Office.

Progress updates will be made regularly as the work progresses.

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