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Faculty Support

Resources to help our faculty be ever better

A primary goal of the Office of the Provost is to provide guidance and support for our faculty and instructors. On this page, you’ll find a variety of links and resources, including career development tools and University-wide resources to help in your classroom and research endeavors.

Extensions to tenure due to COVID-19

All tenure-eligible faculty members will receive a one-year extension to their tenure process due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty members who choose not to use the extension should contact their dean’s office to inform their dean that they are opting out of the extension.

The COVID-19 extension can be applied to any point in the tenure period (including prior to the third year review) and can be used in conjunction with a postponement of the promotion or tenure review due to the birth or adoption of a child. During the review, promotion and tenure committees will be informed of any extensions and their implications.

Visit the University’s COVID-19 Resource Center for the latest University updates.

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data resources

University of Rochester data

Our University Data page includes details from the Data Governance Council about working securely with data, as well as our Fact Book and Common Data Set with facts and figures that set the University apart.

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