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Resources to help our faculty be ever better

A primary goal of the Office of the Provost is to provide guidance and support for our faculty and instructors. On this page, you’ll find a variety of links and resources, including career development tools and University-wide resources to help in your classroom and research endeavors.

Pay range transparency on job postings

New York State’s Pay Transparency Law requires all postings for jobs to be performed in the State of New York to include a salary range beginning September 17, 2023. This requirement includes faculty job postings. The University has chosen Sunday, September 10, 2023 as the date of compliance to ensure alignment across the institution.

Explore frequently asked questions below for more details.

How are the pay ranges for faculty job postings determined?

Decisions regarding pay for faculty are made within each school. Schools use a number of factors to decide the range for each of their postings, including but not limited to the job duties, market data, experience and expertise of the candidates, and internal equity considerations.

Why can staff see the pay ranges for their job codes in HRMS, but faculty cannot?

Pay ranges for faculty job postings are uniquely grounded in the academic discipline and subfield of the hiring unit. These ranges consider factors including but not limited to the job duties, market data, experience and expertise of the candidates, and internal equity considerations. Given these critical factors, it is not possible to tie faculty pay ranges to job codes in the same way that the Career Path Modernization (CPM) project has done for staff.

Who should faculty members contact if they have questions about their own compensation?
  • Eastman School of Music: Dean Jamal Rossi and Associate Dean Reinhild Steingrover
  • School of Arts & Sciences: Department Chair
  • Hajim School of Engineering: Department Chair
  • Laboratory for Laser Energetics: Division Director
  • School of Medicine & Dentistry: CFO URMFG & Associate Vice President URMC Marc Cohen
  • School of Nursing:
    • SON Research/Tenure-Track Faculty: Associate Dean of Research Sally Norton
    • SON Clinical Faculty: Associate Dean of Education and Student Affairs Lydia Rotondo
  • Simon Business School: Sr. Associate Dean Jim Brickley
  • Warner School of Education: Dean Sarah Peyre
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data resources

University of Rochester data

Our University Data page includes details from the Data Governance Council about working securely with data, as well as our Fact Book and Common Data Set with facts and figures that set the University apart.

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