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Policy for Establishing Centers and Institutes

The University has many research, academic, and clinical activities designated as “centers” or “institutes”.

On this page, you’ll learn about the definitions of these terms, the approval processes required for these designations, and how to register centers and institutes at the University.


Key definitions

What is an “institute”?

Effective immediately, the designation of “institute” will be reserved for large-scale research or clinical organizations. Typically, institutes will have significant University support with involvement from numerous departments, schools, or sites, though exceptions may be made if the organization is sufficiently large-scale and/or has sufficient branding/reputational importance (e.g., in the clinical marketplace).

What is a “center”?

Centers are typically defined as a type of department with a focused programmatic agenda. Centers may sponsor research, bestow awards, offer cultural events, or host activities that support their programming agenda. While there is a wide range of centers at the University, they typically fall into three primary categories: research, academic, and clinical.

Approval process for new centers and institutes

While existing activities designated as centers or institutes will retain their titles, moving forward the naming of new centers and institutes will require approval as follows:

  • Research center designations will require approval of the Provost and Vice President for Research.
    • This is true even in the case of centers designated as a result of federal center grants, though it is fully expected that the Provost and Vice President for Research will approve the naming of centers funded through competitive center grants.
  • Academic center designations will require approval of the Provost.
  • Clinical center designations will require approval of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences.
  • Philanthropic and honorary naming of centers and institutes must follow the Institutional Naming Policy.
  • Requests for approval must be submitted by one or more deans.

Use the registration form on this page to submit for a new center or institute designation.

Register University centers and institutes

Use the form below to:

  • Request designation for a new center or institute, OR
  • Complete your annual registration for existing centers and institutes

registration form

Center or institute physical address (if applicable)

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