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Open Researcher and Contributor ID

An Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) ensures your research gets credited to you, and connects your work with a broader research toolkit. Register for your ORCID now.


ORCIDs are unique personal identifiers that connect you to all of your work and professional activities, including grant applications and conference presentations.

Built on the principle of “enter once, reuse often”, ORCID provides you with an open and interoperable toolset to collect, vet, and share information that can be trusted as an accurate source of information about you and your research.

We are currently among 1,039 ORCID member organizations, which include universities, publishers, funders, scholarly societies, and other stakeholders across the research landscape.

Learn more about ORCID in this helpful video, or visit the University’s ORCID website for more information.


ORCID benefits

Research benefit

An ORCID ensures you’re receiving proper credit for your work. It also ties your work to the University of Rochester—which can help impact our rankings.

Attract leading talent

ORCIDs help the University’s ability to successfully attract leading researchers, faculty members, and students—which can affect your future research opportunities.

Time savings

ORCID allows data to be used across the scholarly communications ecosystem, streamlining activity reporting—which lets you focus on your research.

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