Testing Request Checklist

This check list has been designed to help you review and enter your test requests. Please work through each step carefully so that our office can adequately prepare for your exam day/s.

1. Prepare your material.

  • Have your syllabi or notes from your professor regarding the last exam/s ready so you can review the exam request properly.

2. Log in to the DR Student Portal and review/enter your requests.

  • Instructions on how to do so can be found under “How to use the DR Student Portal – Schedule an exam” on our website.
  • Review the entered requests to make sure they align with your syllabus / professor announcements regarding the upcoming exams.
  • Enter in all new exam requests!
    • If you see any exams missing (for example your class had an exam on 10/19 and the syllabi lists the next exams on 11/8 and 12/20 however those options are not available in the DR portal):
      • Email the syllabi to the Testing Coordinator at disability@rochester.edu along with a note about what needs to be updated.
      • The Coordinator will confirm with the professor and update the portal so you can enter in the rest of the course exams.

3. If you find a conflict (overlapping exams or your extra time would make you miss a mandatory class):

  • Figure out when it would be best for you to take that exam.
    • Most professors prefer exam times to overlap with the class exam time. Therefore early/late starts that overlap with class time are highly recommended.
    • If due to your mandatory course work, you do need to move it to a different time/day, try to pick a time on the same day of the exam or early the day after the class takes the exam.
      • During the semester, our testing center is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. While there are days we are open till 10pm, we cannot guarantee those hours on a weekly basis. Please check in with the Testing Coordinator if you need a time outside of our regular hours.
  • Email the professor for approval:
    • Explain why you would like to move your exam start time.
      • Example one – need to get to next class:
        Dear Professor, with my DR testing accommodations, my exam end time runs into my next class. Would it be possible to start my exam earlier than class so that my exam time still overlaps with class or could I take the exam at a later time (propose day/time)? Please let me know what works best so I can let the DR office know. Thank you (enter your name)!
      • Example two – overlapping exam times:
        Hello Professor, I have two exams scheduled on Tuesday November 3rd and with my accommodations, I will need to move one in order to have my proper time allotment. Would it be possible to move this class exam to this time (Put in your chosen time)? If not, when should I look to move this exam? I do need your written/emailed approval to send to the DR office to move the exam. Please reach out to the DR office if you would like to discuss my testing accommodations. Looking forward to hearing from you, (Enter your name).
  • If your professor approves, send us their approval and we will move that exam to the new date/time.
    • Please note, we cannot move exam start times without the professor’s written/emailed consent. Therefore, you will need to get their approval first before we can make any arrangements.
    • Review the Rescheduling an Exam policy for further details.

4. Reach out to the Testing and Note Taking Coordinator if you need any help!

  • Email disability@rochester.edu with your name, course code, time proposal, and any testing related concerns so the Testing Coordinator can be prepared to help.

5. Relax and know you are all set.

  • Once your exams are entered and they match with what the professor provides our office, you are all set! Reminders with locations go out two days prior to the exam start time.