Quiz Accommodations FAQ

I give regular quizzes in my course. How should these be handled for students with accommodations?

Students who have been approved for exam accommodations must also be provided these accommodations for timed quizzes, if requested. At the beginning of the semester, it’s best practice to meet individually with students and make a standing arrangement for how the accommodations will be provided.

Whenever possible, we encourage you and/or your TAs to make your own accommodation arrangements. Some options include having the student take the quiz directly before or after class (if the student’s schedule allows), or scheduling the student to take the quiz during office hours. Students should never be asked to miss part of your or another instructor’s class because of an extended time accommodation. Please review our guidelines for confidentiality and creating an equitable testing environment.

Disability Resources is available to assist with proctoring accommodated quizzes if you/your TA are unable to do so. You can specify this when completing the Disability Resources Testing Agreement or contact our office for more information.

What if I give pop quizzes?

We understand that if you choose to give pop quizzes, you want to preserve the spontaneous nature of the quiz. We encourage you to meet individually with students at the beginning of the semester to make a standing arrangement for how pop quizzes will be accommodated when they arise. As with regularly scheduled quizzes, Disability Resources is available to assist with proctoring, if needed. One option we have used successfully in the past is for instructors to notify our office the morning of the pop quiz; we then notify the student to come to our office to complete the quiz as close to the class time as their schedule allows.

How do I know which students are approved for quiz accommodations?

You can log in to the DR Instructor Portal anytime to view students’ notification of accommodation letters and exam/quiz accommodation requests. For more information, please visit the DR Instructor Portal home page.