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WCMS, version 8

Why can't I see my text?

When entering text in any WYSIWYG field, the Return key on the keyboard must be pressed at the end of the text.

If you added content to your web page in the WCMS but it does not show up in the preview or the published page, then you will need to edit the page again and add a Return at the end of the text.

When typing text into the WYSIWYG field:

  1. Select the page
  2. Click the Pencil icon (labeled Edit on large screens)
  3. Click in the WYSIWYG field
  4. Type some text on the keyboard
  5. Press the Return key on the keyboard
  6. Click on "Save & Preview" and then the Submit button

When pasting in content as plain text when copied from elsewhere:

Usually, you can paste text copied from a document in a word processing program, like MS Word, without worrying about contaminating your web page with unwanted formatting tags. However, if you copy text from a highly stylized web page, you may need to paste the content as plain text, so that the styling tags are stripped out.

  1. Copy some text from some other document
  2. Select the page in the WCMS
  3. Click the Pencil icon (labeled Edit on large screens)
  4. Scroll to the WYSIWYG field, and click on the Edit dropdown in the WYSIWYG toolbar
  5. In the Edit dropdown, click on "Paste as text"
  6. Click in the WYSIWYG field
  7. Paste the text that you previously copied
  8. If you pasted in more than one paragraph, scroll up to the top of the WYSIWYG field, insert the cursor at the end of the first paragraph and press the Return key. At this point, you may see some extra space between the first and second paragraphs. To get rid of this extra space, click at the beginning of paragraph 2, and then press the Delete key on your keyboard to get rid of the extra line.
  9. Click on "Save & Preview" and then Submit