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Degrees Offered

Degrees are awarded by the University of Rochester in the following subjects, grouped by college or school of the University.




For purposes of the Rochester Curriculum, the distribution area is noted in which each degree program and minor in the College falls. H=Humanities, S=Social Sciences, N=Natural Sciences and Engineering, V=Variable (determined at time of official entrance into the program).

African and African-American Studies (BA)-V
American Sign Language (BA)-H
American Studies (BA)-S
Anthropology (BA)-S
Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures (BA)-V
Art and Art History:
     Art History (BA)-H
     Studio Arts (BA)-H
Biological Sciences (BS), with specialties in:
     Cell and Developmental Biology-N
     Computational Biology-N
     Ecology and Evolutionary Biology-N
     Molecular Genetics-N
Biology (BA, MS, PhD)-N
Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BA, BS, MA, PhD)-N
Business Programs:
     Business (BA)-S
     Accounting (BS)-S
     Business Analytics (BS)-S
     Entrepreneurship (BS)-S
     Finance (BS)-S
     Marketing (BS)-S
Chemistry (BA, BS, MS, PhD)-N
Dance (BA) with tracks in:
     Creative Expression and Performance-H
     Dance Studies-H
Data Science (BA, BS)-N
Digital Media Studies (BA)-V
Earth and Environmental Sciences:
     Environmental Science (BS)-N
     Environmental Studies (BA)-N
     Geological Sciences (BA, BS, MS, PhD)-N
     Geomechanics (BS)-N
East Asian Studies (BA)-V
     Economics (BA, MA, PhD)-S
     Financial Economics (BA)-S
English (BA, MA, PhD), with tracks in:
     British and American Literature-H
     Creative Writing-H
     Language, Media and Communication-H
Film and Media Studies (BA)-H
Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies (BA)-V
History (BA, MA, PhD)-S
Interdepartmental Studies (BA, MA, MS)-V
Linguistics (BA, MA)-S
Literary Translation (MA)
     Mathematics (BA, BS, MA, PhD)-N
     Mathematics-Applied (BS, MS)-N
     Mathematics-Statistics (BA, MA)-N
Modern Languages and Cultures:
     Comparative Literature (BA, MA)-H
     French (BA)-H
     German (BA)-H
     Japanese (BA)-H
     Russian (BA)-H
     Russian Studies (BA)-V
     Spanish (BA)-H
Music (BA)-H
Philosophy (BA, MA, PhD)-H
     Physics (BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD)-N
     Physics and Astronomy (BA, BS, PhD)-N
Political Science:
     International Relations (BA)-S
     Political Science (BA, MA, PhD)-S
Psychology (BA, MA)-S
     Clinical (PhD)
     Developmental (PhD)
     Social-Personality (PhD)
Public Health-Related Programs:
     Bioethics (BA)-H
     Environmental Health (BS)-N
     Epidemiology (BA)-S
     Health, Behavior and Society (BA)-S
     Health Policy (BA)-S
Religion and Classics:
     Classics (BA)-H
     Religion (BA)-H
Statistics (BA)-N

Certificate Programs

(taken in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree)

Actuarial Studies
Citation for Achievement in College Leadership
Literary Translation Studies
Mathematical Modeling in Political Science and Economics
Polish and Central European
Stage Management


African and African-American Studies-V
American Sign Language-H
American Studies-S
     Medical Anthropology-S
Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures-V
Art and Art History:
      Art History-H
     Studio Arts-H
     Computational Biology-N
Brain and Cognitive Sciences-N
Dance and Movement:
     Movement Studies-H
Digital Media Studies-V
East Asian Studies-V
     Creative Writing-H
      English Literature-H
Earth and Environmental Sciences:
      Environmental Geology-N
     Geological Sciences-N
Environmental Humanities-H
Film and Media Studies-H
Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies-V
Interdepartmental Studies-V
Legal Studies-V
Medieval and Early Modern Studies-V
Modern Languages and Cultures:
     Comparative Literature-H
     Latin American Studies-H
     Russian Studies-V
Music Cognition-N
Music and Linguistics-S
     History of Philosophy-H
     Philosophy of Science-H
Physics and Astronomy:
Political Science:
     International Relations-S
     Political Science-S
     Clinical Psychology-S
     Health Psychology-S
     Organizational Psychology-S
     Psychology as a Natural Science-N
     Psychology as a Social Science-S
     Social and Emotional Development-S
Public Health-Related Programs:
     Health, Behavior, and Society-S
     Health Policy-S
Religion and Classics:
     Classical Civilization-H
     Jewish Studies-H
Visual Science:
     Research in Visual Science-N
     Visual Science-N
Writing Studies-H

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For purposes of the Rochester Curriculum, the distribution area is noted in which each degree program and minor in the College falls. H=Humanities, S=Social Sciences, N=Natural Sciences and Engineering, V=Variable (determined at time of official entrance into the program).

Degree programs indicated with an asterisk are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Seniors in these programs are eligible to take the "Fundamentals of Engineering Examination" and are encouraged to do so. This is the first of two examinations leading to professional licensure.

Audio and Music Engineering (BS)-N
Biomedical Engineering (BS*, MS, PhD)-N
Chemical Engineering (BS*, MS, PhD)-N
Computer Science (BA, BS, MS, PhD)-N
Electrical and Computer Engineering (BS*)-N
Electrical Engineering (MS, PhD)-N
Engineering and Applied Science (an Interdepartmental Program) (BS)-N
Engineering Science (an Interdepartmental Program) (BA)-N
Geomechanics (BS)-N
Materials Science (MS, PhD)-N
Mechanical Engineering (BS*, MS, PhD)-N
     Optics (BS, MS, PhD)-N
     Optical Engineering (BS*)-N
Technical Entrepreneurship and Management (joint program with the Simon School) (MS)


Audio and Music Engineering-N
Biomedical Engineering-N
Chemical Engineering-N
Computer Science-N
Electrical and Computer Engineering-N
Environmental Engineering-N
Materials Science-N
Mechanical Engineering-N

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Applied Music (BM)
Composition (BM, MA, MM, DMA, PhD)
Conducting (MM, DMA)
Early Music, Emphasis in Historical Plucked Instruments (MM, DMA)
Ethnomusicology (MA)
Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media (BM, MM, DMA)
Musical Arts (BM)
Music Education (BM, MA, MM, DMA, PhD)
Music Theory (BM, MA, PhD)
Musicology (MA, PhD)
Opera Stage Directing (MM)
Pedagogy of Music Theory (MA)
Performance and Literature (MM, DMA)
Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music (MM, DMA)

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Analytic Epidemiology (CAS)
(MS, PhD)
Biomedical Data Science (CAS)
Biophysics (MS, PhD)
Clinical Investigation (MS)
Clinical Medical Technology (CAS)
Clinical Research Methods (CAS)
Epidemiology (MS, PhD)
Experimental Therapeutics (CAS)
Genetics (MS, PhD)
Health Services Research (CAS)
Health Services Research and Policy (MS, PhD)
Immunology, Microbiology and Virology (MS)
Marriage and Family Therapy (MS)
Medical Humanities (MS)
Medical Statistics (MS)
Medical Technology Innovation (MS)
Medicine (MD, MD/MBA)
Microbiology (MS)
Microbiology and Immunology (PhD)
Neurobiology and Anatomy (MS, PhD)
Neuroscience (MS, PhD)
Pathology (MS, PhD)
Pharmacology (MS, PhD)
Physiology (MS, PhD)
Public Health (CAS, MPH)
Regulatory Science (CAS)
Statistics (MA, PhD)
Technical Entrepreneurship and Management in Biomanufacturing and Therapeutic Development (MS)
Toxicology (MS, PhD)
Translational Biomedical Science (PhD)

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Bachelor Programs:
Nursing—RN to BS
Accelerated Program for Non Nurses

Nursing (BS)/MS Accelerated Master's Programs for Non Nurses:
Nursing/Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Family PsychiatricMental Health Nurse Practitioner

RN to BS to MS Programs:
Nursing/Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Neonatal, Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Family PsychiatricMental Health Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Master of Science in Nursing Education

MS Programs:
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioner
Nursing/Family PsychiatricMental Health Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Nurse Leader
Health Care Organization Management and Leadership  
 Nursing Education

MS/PhD Programs:
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Nursing
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner/Nursing
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/Nursing
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Nursing
Family Nurse Practitioner/Nursing
Family PsychiatricMental Health Nurse Practitioner/Nursing

Nursing Education:
Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

PhD Program:
Nursing and Health Science

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Simon Business School offers a variety of full-time and part-time programs to fit every lifestyle and career trajectory. With a curriculum grounded in analytics and economics, our approach provides our students with enduring frameworks for solving problems and making data-driven decisions that impact a company’s bottom line.

Full-Time MBA Program
Offers 10 specializations and six minors

Executive MBA Program

Part-Time Professional MBA Program

Part-Time MS in Medical Management

PhD Program

Full-Time Specialized MS Programs:
Business Analytics
Marketing Analytics

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The Warner School offers programs in teaching and curriculum, human development, counseling, K-12 school leadership, higher education, education policy, program evaluation, online teaching, and applied behavior analysis (ABA) at the master’s, doctoral, and advanced certificate levels. Below is a list of programs offered at the master’s level.

Adolescence Education: Biology (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Chemistry (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Chinese (MS)
Adolescence Education: Earth Science (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: English (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Foreign Languages (MS)
Adolescence Education: French (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: German (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Latin (MS)
Adolescence Education: Mathematics (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Physics (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Social Studies (MAT, MS)
Adolescence Education: Spanish (MAT, MS)
Applied Behavior Analysis and Human Development (MS)
Childhood Education (MS)
Counseling and Human Development (w/ specialization in school counseling) MS
Early Childhood Education (MS)
Early Childhood (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Education Policy (MS)
Educational Administration (MS)
Educational Administration: Higher Education Specialization (MS)
Educational Administration: Higher Education Student Affairs Specialization (MS)
Educational Administration: Student Affairs and Academic & Career Advising Specialization (MS) 
Elementary Education (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Health Professions Education (MS)
Human Development (MS)
Inclusion and Special Ed (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Biology (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Chemistry (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Earth Science (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: English (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: French (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: German (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Latin (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Mathematics (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Physics (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Social Studies (MS)
Inclusion Adolescence Education: Spanish (MS)
Inclusion Adolescent Education as Generalist (MS)
Inclusion Childhood Education (MS)
Inclusion Early Childhood Education (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Biology (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Chemistry (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Earth Science (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: English (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: French (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: German (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Latin (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Math (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Physics (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Social Studies (MS)
Inclusion Middle Childhood Education: Spanish (MS)
Inclusive Childhood Education (MS)
Literacy Education (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Mathematics Education (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Mental Health Counseling (MS)
Middle Childhood for Adolescence Education Teachers (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Biology (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Chemistry (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Earth Science (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: English (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: French (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: German (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Latin (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Mathematics (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Physics (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Social Studies (MS)
Middle Childhood Education: Spanish (MS)
Online Teaching and Learning (MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Biology) (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Chemistry (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Earth Science (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: English (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: French (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: German (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Mathematics (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Physics (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Social Studies (MAT, MS)
Professional Study in Adolescence Education: Spanish (MAT, MS)
Professional Study: Generalist (MS)
Professional Study: Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education (MS)
Program Evaluation (MS)
Reading and Literacies (MS)
School Building Leadership (MS)
School District Leadership (MS)
Science Education (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Social Studies Education (Non Teacher Certification) (MS)
Teaching and Curriculum (MS)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Grades K-12) (MS)
Teaching ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) (MS)
Teaching Students with Disabilities in Secondary School as Generalist (MS)
Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities (MS)


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Combined Bachelor’s Programs:
BA and BS in arts and sciences
BA or BS in arts and sciences and BS or BA in engineering and applied sciences
BA or BS in arts and sciences and BM in music
BS in engineering and applied sciences and BM in music
BA or BS in arts and sciences and BS in nursing

3-2 Programs:
BA or BS plus a master’s in public health

4-1 Programs:
BA or BS plus MS (HEAL Program)

Combined Bachelor’s and MD Degree Programs:
BA or BS plus an MD

Concurrent Master’s Programs:
MBA and MS in microbiology

Inter-College Degree Programs:
Genetics (PhD)
Neuroscience (MS, PhD)

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