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Disability Accommodations Defined

Exam Accommodations

Students may be eligible for alternative testing arrangements which may include, but are not limited to, extended test time, reduced distraction testing location, use of read aloud software, or enlarged print versions of exams.

Instructors have two options when making arrangements for their students’ accommodated exams:

Option 1 (preferred): Instructors can make their own arrangements for students with exam accommodations.
This allows you greater control over the test-taking process and closer proximity to your students. For example, some instructors opt to reserve a room within the department and have a TA or department staff member supervise the students' accommodated exams. Learn more about this option 

Option 2: When instructors are unable to host their own accommodated exams, they may request that Disability Resources proctor students’ exams on their behalf. Learn more about this option  

Note Taking

The provision of notes may be an approved accommodation based on the specific nature of the disability. Notetaking services are never a substitute for class attendance.

Disability Resources hires peer note takers that are registered in the same class as the student with a disability. They are trained in best practices, procedures, and confidentiality, and are required to deliver class notes within 24 hours of the class having taken place.

Occasionally, Disability Resources may contact an instructor asking for assistance identifying a student note taker. Typically instructors post the job opportunity on their blackboard or make a class announcement to apply at our jobs page.

Audio Recording for Notes

Students may be permitted to capture lectures and classroom discussions for notetaking purposes. In some cases, students will use specialized software to record lectures using their personal laptop computer. Students registered with Disability Resources are required to complete an agreement to acknowledge that recordings are for their individual academic use only.

Computer Use for Exams

Students may have approved accommodations for word processing during exams with essay components. Disability Resources takes steps to maintain academic honesty, and prohibits access to the Internet.

Our testing room is equipped with computers without Internet access, and proctors print your student's work at the conclusion of the exam period. Graders should take care to review all hand-written and printed exam materials turned in by students using computer-use accommodations to ensure proper credit.

Computer Use for Note Taking

Students approved for this accommodation may use a computer (laptop or tablet) in the classroom for note taking purposes.

Absence Leniency & Assignment Extensions

When supported by the student’s disability documentation, absence leniency and assignment extensions may be necessary when disability-related issues of a chronic/episodic nature are beyond the student’s control.

Instructors are encouraged to consult with their student's assigned access coordinator if they require assistance proctoring make-up exams or discerning appropriate extension times.

Accessible Materials

Selecting textbooks, readings, and preparing classroom materials well in advance of the semester’s start helps Disability Resources ensure that these items are available in accessible formats, such as PDF or word documents that can be used with screen reading software.

Selecting textbooks available in a wide range of formats and videos with captioning benefits all students, not just students with a disability. You may be contacted by an access coordinator if a student requiring this accommodation is enrolled in your class. See the creating accessible course materials page for more information.